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German Language

Standard German has around 90 million native speakers, and other varieties of German have some 30 million. There are about 80 million people who speak German as a second language, and many others study it as a foreign language.

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German Language

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  1. German Language

  2. Learning German Language Learning German will help you to acquire a range of skills that can improve the quality of both your work and private life: • Business • The global career: • Tourism and hospitality industry: • Science and Research http://www.fitaacademy.com/courses/german-training-classes-in-chennai/

  3. Learning German Language • Communication • Cultural understanding • Travel • Enjoyment of literature, music, art and philosophy • Opportunities to study/work in Germany • Opportunities for exchange http://www.fitaacademy.com/courses/german-training-classes-in-chennai/

  4. Learning German Language • German is the second most commonly used scientific language in the world. • 18% of the world’s books are published in German, and relatively few of these ever appear in English translation. • German is the gateway to a world-class higher education. http://www.fitaacademy.com/courses/german-training-classes-in-chennai/

  5. Learning German Language • Germany is the world’s second-largest exporter. • German has the largest number of native speakers in the European Union (far more than English, Spanish, or French). • Germany is home to numerous international corporations. http://www.fitaacademy.com/courses/german-training-classes-in-chennai/

  6. Learning German Language • You have increasing accuracy in vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation/intonation, text production (i.e. in different genres) and social conventions (pragmatics) • You have an increasing awareness of how languages function - including grammatical structure and social and cultural connotations. http://www.fitaacademy.com/courses/german-training-classes-in-chennai/

  7. Learning German Language • German Classes in Chennai are provided for those who are looking for a job or studying in Germany. Learning Deutsch Online/ Learning German Online is simple and fun with the German Skype Lessons. • It will provide you the necessary resources to communicate well in the German language. http://www.fitaacademy.com/courses/german-training-classes-in-chennai/

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