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German Language and Literature

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German Language and Literature

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German Language and Literature

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  1. German Language and Literature Johanneke Sytsema Subject consultant for Linguistics and Dutch Studies

  2. Overview session German language and literature • Bibliographic sources • Current awareness • E-journals • Full text sources online • Author Reference works • German philosophy

  3. Catalogues (1) Searching for book or journal titles? Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog (KVK) • Book search engine, searches main university libraries in German speaking countries and abroad • 500 million books • Available online

  4. Catalogues (2) WorldCat • Avialable through OxLip • 95,000,000 records added since 1971 • Records from main libraries all over the world (OCLC member libraries) • Represents 400 languages • User friendly, links directly to reference software

  5. Bibliographic Databases (1) Searching for journal articles, bookchapters, reviews? Use bibliographic databases. Bibliographie der Deutschen Sprache und Literaturwissenschaft 1985- • On OxLip • Comprehensive current international bibliography of German literature and literary studies. Coverage includes books, articles and selected reviews • Coverage from 1985 onwards

  6. Bibliographic Databases (2) search tips: • Use AND, OR, NOT • Automatic wildcards (Searches are automatically truncated to the right) • Author searchburg will find works by Irene von Burg, Hermann Burger, etc. • Search for phrases by using double quotation marks « … »  • Use Suchhistorie to repeat/change former searches • Use speichern to keep the titles or to download them. No direct export to reference software • If you want journal articles only or book chapters only, you should indicate that at initial search, no sort option lateron.

  7. Bibliographic Databases (3) Modern Languages Association Bibliography (OxLip) • over one million citations for items from journals and series published worldwide. Indexes books, essay collections, working papers, proceedings, dissertations, and bibliographies. • Coverage 1926 to present, updated nine times per year • More added functionality than BDSL (export to reference software, combine searches, sort results)

  8. Bibliographic Databases (4) Search tips: • Use advanced search, use AND, OR, NOT • Do a search, then click limit and limit your results by document type, year, language etc. • Save search (you need to register with username and password) • Combine earlier searches • Send a ‘saved’ search to yourself by e-mail or better, export it to your reference software • Use original language when searching for German titles

  9. Bibliographic Databases (5) Comparing BDSL and MLA : • MLA and BDSL provide different results, so use both for a more complete overview ! • Comparing MLA and BDSL on keyword search Gotthelf AND Die schwarze Spinne: 5 duplicated out of 15 (MLA) and out of 18 (BDSL) all duplications are German titles. So it is worthwhile to use both bibliographies. • Export saved titles to reference software: only in MLA

  10. E-journals, click OU e-journals for subscription e-journals • 428 journals on language and linguistics • 502 journals on literature • Titles containing ‘German’ : 40, including German Life and Letters, German Studies Review, German Quarterly • Find printed journals in the Periodicals Reading Room, Taylor Institution Library

  11. Full text literature (1) Individual authors on OxLip: • Brecht – selected works on networked CDRom , with good search facility, searches for words, phrases and shows context. Full text can be browsed. • Luthers Werke: complete works, Weimar Edition (overlaps with Luthers sermons in Past Masters) • Search • Mark titles • Go to marked list, annotate titles in text box if desired • e-mail records to yourself • go to search history to combine earlier searches • Parzival - This database provides the complete text of the Middle High German Arthurian Romance Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach (ca. 1200 - 1210), together with a complete bibliography of literature

  12. Full text literature (2) Die Deutsche Lyrik (OxLip) • 500 years of German lyric poetry and includes the work of over 500 authors from the 15th to the 20th century, covers all volumes of German poetry published within Reclams Universalbibliothek since 1945. • Searchable by author/title/first line/keyword Use Intute for: • Deutsche Gedichte – online database with poems in the public domain; • doesn’t overlap much with Die Deutsche Lyrik • Searchable by author • The "Bio"-links at some author's names lead to a short german biography stored in the Gutenberg-project

  13. Full text literature (3) Intute : contains quality webresourses, often in full text, catalogued by subject specialists • Use search option with AND, OR, NOT • Browse for German/German Literature and find author webpages • eg. Hermann Hesse page • Paul Celan home page

  14. Author reference works (print)(1) Middle Ages (-1500): • Die deutsche Literatur des Mittelalters : Verfasserlexikon / begruendet von Wolfgang Stammler ; fortgefuehrt von Karl Langosch.12 vols. 1977-2006 • TAY Main Libr REF.G.16 / • BOD D.Humfrey R. 5.526a • German literature of High and late middle ages, includes also a selection of Latin works. • "schöne" Literatur • wissenschaftlich-theoretisches und praktisches Gebrauchsschrifttum, z.B. theologische Traktate, Predigten, Gesundheitslehren, Rechts- und Geschichtsliteratur • Vols 1-10 contain articles on authors and anonymous works, vol. 11 contains later additions and corrections, vol. 12 offers an index to the manuscripts.

  15. Author reference works (print)(2) • For 1500-20th Century use: • Deutsches Literatur-Lexikon : biographisch-bibliographisches • Handbuch / begruendet von Wilhelm Kosch ; herausgegeben von • Bruno Berger und Heinz Rupp. (3. völlig neubearb. Auflage, 1968- ) • Author biographies • Author bibliographies • References to secondary literature • Taylorian: Ref.G.13

  16. Author reference works (print)(3) For 20th Century literature use: • Kritisches Lexikon zur deutschsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur (KLG) / hrsg. von Heinz Ludwig Arnold. (also available on CD Rom) Taylorian: Ref.G.21 Modern Languages Faculty Library: REF.C - C.T - H8

  17. German Philosophy (1) • Past Masters – full text resource, up to date edition of key philosophical texts (OxLip). Userguide: see FAQs Includes the following German/Danish philosophers: • Feuerbachs Sämmtliche Werke • Fichte: Sämmtliche Werke und Nachlass • Hegel: OUP Translations • Hegel: Werke II • Kant: Gesammelte Schriften • Kant: Hauptwerke • Kierkegaard: Journals and Papers • Kierkegaard: Samlede Værker • Leibniz: Philosophische Schriften • (see also: Contnental Rationalists for New Essays on Human Understanding and Philosophical Essays) • Luther: Sermons • Marx and Engels: Collected Works • Nietzsches Werke • Schopenhauer: Hauptwerke • Wittgenstein: Collected Works • Wittgenstein: Gesamtbriefwechsel/Complete Correspondence • Wittgenstein: Letters, Lectures (Letters and Lectures) • Wittgenstein: Nachlass • Wittgenstein: Tagebücher und Briefe

  18. German Philosophy (2) Bibliographic resources (OxLip): • Philosophers Index • provides indexing and abstracts from books and journals of philosophy and related fields • Coverage from 1940 - • International Philosophical Bibliography Reference resources (OxLip): • Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

  19. Not in Oxford? Use your Athens/single sign on password on to gain access to OxLip databases Install a VPN connection for direct access to all your documents Remote access

  20. Any questions? Contact Taylor Institution Library