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Commit to Sit (Down for Family Dinner)

Commit to Sit (Down for Family Dinner). By: Crystal Tubbs RD, LD & Jenna Barnes RD, LD. Presented By: Angela Spencer MS, RD, LD. Objectives!. learn about fat, sodium, and fiber learn how to read food labels learn about cooking tips and techniques see the benefits of cooking at home

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Commit to Sit (Down for Family Dinner)

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  1. Commit to Sit (Down for Family Dinner) By: Crystal Tubbs RD, LD & Jenna Barnes RD, LD Presented By: Angela Spencer MS, RD, LD

  2. Objectives! • learn about fat, sodium, and fiber • learn how to read food labels • learn about cooking tips and techniques • see the benefits of cooking at home • advantages of sitting down for family meals

  3. Be Heart Smart • As easy as 1, 2, 3…… • FAT • SODIUM • FIBER

  4. 1. Fat

  5. Monounsaturated oils: canola, olive, peanut nuts: almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, Brazil, macadamia avocado peanut butter Polyunsaturated margarine oils: soybean, corn, safflower, sunflower walnuts, pine nuts light mayo reduced-fat salad dressings 1. Fat the GOOD……

  6. Saturated Fats oils: coconut, palm, palm kernel bacon & salt pork butter coconut milk cream all cheeses & sour cream lard & shortening Trans Fats partially hydrogenated oils bakery products snack cakes/products some crackers stick margarine fried products numerous processed foods 1. Fat …the BAD & the UGLY

  7. Omega-3 anti-inflammatory walnuts fish: salmon, halibut, herring fortified products flax seed linseed oil Cholesterol ONLY ANIMAL PRODUCTS meats: beef, poultry, lamb, shrimp, pork dairy egg yolks (not egg whites) organ meats hotdogs 1. Fat

  8. Diet for Life..Anti-inflammatory • Beans and legumes: dry beans, tofu • Beverages: green tea, red wine • Fish: cod, halibut, herring, oysters, salmon, tuna • Fruits: apples, berries, cherries, citrus, pineapple • Herbs and spices: basil, cinnamon, ginger, mint, oregano, thyme • Nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts • Oils: canola, olive • Savory snacks: dark chocolate • Vegetables: bell peppers, broccoli, cabbage, garlic, greens, onions, tomatoes, sweet potatoes(starchy veggie)

  9. Diet for Disaster..Pro-inflammatory • Excessive consumption of refined sugars: candies, pastries, sugar-sweetened beverages • Highly processed carbohydrates: doughnuts, potato chips • Oils: hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated • Processed meats: hot dogs, luncheon meats, sausage, bacon • Saturated and trans fats

  10. 2. Sodium • sources: • canned and processed food • soups, seasoned rice and pasta mixes, hamburger helper, mac ‘n cheese, instant pudding • spice blends: Season All, garlic & onion salt, lemon pepper, etc. • ham, bacon, hotdogs, lunch meats • salt • many frozen dinners • cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, Velveeta cheese • foods soaked in brine: pickles, olives • crackers and chips

  11. 3. Fiber • helps lower cholesterol • keeps you feeling full longer • sources: • fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables • whole grains & cereals • beans and legumes • these foods are generally lower in saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol • added sugars raise triglycerides

  12. If a person (or child) drinks one 12 ounce Regular soda pop each day, how many EXTRA POUNDS will be gained each year? • 4 pounds • 8 pounds • 16 pounds • 24 pounds • I don’t know

  13. Tips to Reduce Fat and Sodium When Cooking • don’t fry: bake, broil, grill, boil • use a pan spray • cook more meals at home • taste your food before salting • use ½ the sugar the recipe calls for in baked products • substitute margarine, oil, or butter with a pureed fruit such as applesauce or just use half of what the recipe calls for • use other taste enhancers • herbs and spices • lemon or lime

  14. A pound of fat is equal to HOW MANY EXTRA calories? • 1500 • 2000 • 3500 • 5000 • I don’t know

  15. How to Read a Food Label

  16. First look at your • serving size • GOAL: • 3g fat per serving or less • GOAL: • 140mg sodium • per serving or less

  17. How many calories are in the entire container of doughnuts? • 110 • 200 • 400 • 800 • I don’t know

  18. How many Calories would a 150# person burn on a 30 minute brisk walk? • 75 Calories • 200 Calories • 125 Calories • 300 Calories

  19. So….Commit to Sit……..why??? • studies have shown that families eating meals together "every day" or "almost every day" generally consumed higher amounts of important nutrients compared to families who "never" or "only sometimes" eat meals together: • such as calcium, fiber, iron, vitamins B6, B12, C, E, and less fat • children who ate family meals consumed more fruits, vegetables, and fewer snack foods than children who ate separately from their families • better communication with your family • better school performance • get kids involved with cooking basics, food safety, and healthy eating habits • Children won’t perceive healthy eating as important if it is not something that they see you doing.

  20. So….Commit to Sit……..why??? • When compared to teens that have frequent family dinners, those who rarely have family dinners are: • 3.5 times more likely to have abused prescription drugs or an illegal drug. • 33% more likely to develop unhealthy eating habits, ie. • skipping meals • anorexia • abusing diet pills • Family meals are a great time to connect with them and be involved with what is happening in their lives.

  21. Quick Easy Meals • Crockpot Lasagna • Chimichangas • Chicken Stir Fry • Pizza • King Ranch Casserole

  22. Olive Garden Lasagna 850 Calories 47g fat 25g saturated fat 2,830mg sodium Lasagna at home 315 Calories 12g fat 7g saturated fat 483mg sodium Comparison

  23. fast food chimichangas 364 Calories 18g fat 8g saturated fat 895mg sodium chimichangas at home 226 Calories 5.5g fat 1.5g saturated fat 550mg sodium Comparison

  24. Comparison • Chicken stir-fry at home • 168 Calories • 1.8g fat • 0.4g saturated fat • 373mg sodium • Panda Express- Chow Mein • 400 Calories • 12g fat • 2g saturated fat • 1,060mg sodium

  25. Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza 405 Calories 21g fat 8g saturated fat 900mg sodium Pizza at home 277 Calories 7g fat 4g saturated fat 371mg sodium Comparison

  26. King Ranch 286 Calories 18g fat 9.2g saturated fat 859mg sodium Modified King Ranch 302 Calories 7.3g fat 2.2g saturated fat 479mg sodium Comparison

  27. How many calories are in a McDonald’s Big Mac hamburger? • 230 • 340 • 420 • 590 • I don’t know 590 Calories

  28. So Remember….. • Be Heart Smart • get more fiber • consume less sodium • choose the right fats • read food labels • modify recipes • plan your meals ahead of time • Commit to Sit down for family dinner • for you and your child's benefit!

  29. Nutritional recommendations should primarily promote a well-balanced diet to ensure long-term health. Thanks for attending!

  30. Questions??

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