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Graduate Organization Funding (GOF) PowerPoint Presentation
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Graduate Organization Funding (GOF)

Graduate Organization Funding (GOF)

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Graduate Organization Funding (GOF)

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  1. Graduate Organization Funding (GOF) Joshua M. Williams

  2. What is GOF? • A source for graduate student organizations to help offset costs of events/travel. • Available to active graduate student organizations.

  3. Graduate Student Organizations Guidelines

  4. What Can GOF Be Used For? • Events • Food • Organization Dues • Travel • Visit the graduate student organization link for more information.

  5. What can GOF NOT Be Used For? • Alcohol • Awards • (plaques, trophies, medals, tiaras, gifts, etc.) • International Travel • Lobbying Efforts • Facebook Advertising • Organization Websites • Personal Expenses • Apparel. • Individual membership dues. • Awards for organization advisors or members. • Contributions to charitable organizations. • Programs where food is the ONLY attraction (Pizza Party). • Debt payments. • Employment.

  6. Received Funds • Events funded by the GOFC should be inclusive to the DePaul Community. • Events funded by GOFC MUST say in advertising: • “Sponsored by the Office of Student Life & Adult Student Affairs” • “This event is free and open to all DePaul students. “ • Funding is NEVER guaranteed!!!

  7. GOF Application • Applications are due by 5 p.m. on the application deadline date. • Application MUST be typed!!! • Events less than 30 days away from a hearing date are not eligible for funding. • Two quotes are needed per item • (i.e. decorations…two different places such as Target and Party City) MAKE SURE YOU FILL OUT THE APPLICATION EXACTLY HOW IT IS ASKED OR YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

  8. GOF Steps • Step 1… Apply for funding by filling out the applications: • Step 2…After the hearing, the GOF Advisor will email your organization an award letter stating what your received money for and how much for each item. • Step 3…Please contact the business coordinator to make purchases after you receive the award letter.

  9. 2010 – 2011 Dates Fall 2010 Winter 2011 Spring 2011 Deadline Hearing Date Deadline Hearing Date Deadline Hearing Date 09/13 9/17 1/3 1/7 3/28 4/1 10/11 10/15 1/31 2/4 4/24 *4/28 *4/29 11/08 11/12 2/28 3/4 *Hearing for Fall 2011 Funding • Application are due by 5:00 pm on the deadline date • Money awarded is not available for 30 days after the hearing date.

  10. REIMBURSEMENTS/ PAYMENTNOT FOLLOWING THESE REGULATIONS CAN AND WILL RESULT IN POSBBILY NOT BEING REFUNDED OR PAYMENT BEING MADE ON TIME!!! • Please fill out the Payment Processing Form found in the Office of Student Life or at the following link: • THIS MUST BE FILLED OUT WITH ALL FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS (ORIGINAL RECEIPTS, INVOICES, ETC.) PRIOR TO SUBMITTING IT TO THE BUSINESS COORDINATOR. • You will be responsible to read the award letter to know the dates of when receipts/ invoices should be given to the business coordinator. If you miss the deadline, you will NOT be reimbursed and you will be responsible for all invoices. In other words, your award letter is null and void. • Reimbursements and invoices will be paid 30 days from when accounts payable receives the paperwork. Because of the numerous reimbursements and invoices that come in to the Office of Student Life, please allow 10 business days for the business coordinator to do the proper paperwork on her end. • All receipts must be ORIGINAL, not copied. The receipt should show the following: Vendor, Amount, Date, Items purchased • All food purchases (catering or from a store) must have a notation indicating the business purpose and a list of names taking part in the event. • The person who made the purchase must be the person to get reimbursed.

  11. GOF Frequently Asked Questions • How do I know when to apply? It is recommended that you apply for a program at least two months in advance. • Can I have an event and then apply for funding? Since allocations are never guaranteed, GOFC does not permit students to apply for programs/expenses that have already occurred as we do not want students paying out of pocket and not being reimbursed.

  12. SAF-B Frequently Asked Questions • Can I pay my vendor the day of the event? No. Student Life contracts outline payment 30 days after the event takes place. • How do I know if my organization is eligible for the GOF? If your organization is fully registered with Student Life and is in good standing with the University, your organization is eligible to apply. • Can I pay with an organization check or debit card? No. DePaul’s Financial Affairs Office operates under guidelines that prohibit reimbursing any checking account that is not linked to a personal social security number. Personal checks and debit cards linked to personal checking accounts can be reimbursed.

  13. SAF-B Frequently Asked Questions • Who can sign off on contracts and financial paperwork? Only a full-time Student Life staff member can sign off on financial paperwork and contracts. • Can I pay for things with cash and be reimbursed? It is highly recommend to NOT use cash. If you lose a receipt, there is no way to track a purchase. • What if my event changes? Can I still use funding? A “Reallocation Request Form” must be submitted and reviewed by the board