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Prepared and Presented by: Rear Admiral Hassan El-Tomy Maritime Sector Consultant for development and IT projects 24/03 PowerPoint Presentation
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Prepared and Presented by: Rear Admiral Hassan El-Tomy Maritime Sector Consultant for development and IT projects 24/03

Prepared and Presented by: Rear Admiral Hassan El-Tomy Maritime Sector Consultant for development and IT projects 24/03

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Prepared and Presented by: Rear Admiral Hassan El-Tomy Maritime Sector Consultant for development and IT projects 24/03

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  1. Prepared and Presented by: Rear Admiral Hassan El-Tomy Maritime Sector Consultant for development and IT projects 24/03/2008 Semeramis Intercontinental Hotel

  2. Index: the M.S target & strategy. • The main fields of developing the M.S. • The M.S information bank network. • The Egyptian ports and IT projects: - El Sokhna Port. - Damietta Port. - Alexandria Port. - Red Sea (Adabia). - PortSaid Port (West) undergoing.

  3. Why developing the ports information structure before implementing I.T? • Practical view on the cost effectiveness of implementing I.T projects. • Comparing the old system with the recent I.T project in Alexandria Port:a- Starting with HRD- Avoiding the lack of budgeting by searching . for out sourcing & leasing systems.- June 1st celebrating the first stage:-i- Portal Project. ii- Ship movements (online services).b- Starting contract with ISFP Company to implement the integrated solution for the port of Alexandria.

  4. Info bank of the Maritime Sector. • The main requirement of the port operation & I.T . - VTMIS. - ISPS – Code. - Operations Rooms. • Conclusion.

  5. Ports Authorities GOEIC Banks Ship Owners Custom Clearance Co. Commercial Chambers Maritime Chambers Maritime Sector ‘s Fields Shipping Agencies Maritime Inspection International Maritime Transport Stevedoring Companies G.A Maritime Safety Container Terminal co. Customs

  6. The first specialized data bank in the Middle East, Africa and the Arab World. • EMDB aims to provide planners, decision-makers and researchers from various maritime fields with accurate information on all activities of the sector. • Enabling foreign users to access the EMDB applications using the internet to benefit from the available services. • Enabling connection with external & local entities in order to achieve the information integration concept.

  7. Direct search in EMDB databases. • Pre-designed reports. • Developing carious statistical reports. • Conducting specialized researches and economies studies.

  8. Damietta PortSaid Alexandria East PortSaid Dekhila Al-Arish Suez Newibaa Adabia Petroleum Basin Sokhna Al-tore Hurgada Sharm el Sheikh Safaga

  9. From day one the port operated under integrated management system. This included the port authority, security, customs, import & export control organization, port operations and land transportation. All entities within the port are operated electronically and communications are carried out using electronic means. • Now the manifest and the bill of lading are submitted electronically, communicated to the various port entities, cargo inspected and cleared and the dues are paid to the banks via internet.

  10. Containers Terminal Operating System (NAVIS) Administration & Financial Applications IT Network Electronic Data Interchange System (EDI) Electronic Data Interchange System (EDI) Electronic Gates System Radio Data Transmitting System (RDT) IT Infrastructure IT Infrastructure LLTV Cameras Fire Walls & Protection System Project Management System

  11. Alexandria has a similar system to Damietta port in addition to a portal project to render the following services to the port clients: • Vessel traffic for agencies. • Submission of berthing request on line. • Presenting Baplie files for container vessels. • Registrars will be informed with all updates in the site. • Daily Reply of all inquires within the 24 hours. • Searching for all information requested from users or visitors. 

  12. Effectively participating in tourism growth through inviting tourists to visit Alexandria and the port. • Providing agencies with necessary documents in the form of Word or PDF files. • Statistics about users and visitors will help us to have continuous site improvements and delivering  distinguishing services. • Data submitted is reviewed well by two languages (English &Arabic). • Menu assigned for each user will appeared to enable the port dealing with every registered group in a sprite way. • Possibility to search in the site by "key word".

  13. The Red Sea Ports Authority decided in 2005 to launch its plan for all their ports automation starting with Adabia was a pilot project. • The Adabia automation was assigned to ISFP as a turn key project to deliver fully integrated smart port. • The project is being carried out in two phases. • The first phase is concentrating on the port authority workflows without integration with port community. • The second phase is concerned with the integration with the port community authorities in a full integrated automated smart port.

  14. Since 2002 integrated information system have been partially started to operate ship movements, cargo movements and port’s revenues. • The port started its preparations to implement an MIS by the end of 2008-2009

  15. Except Sokhna & Damietta Ports the Egyptian Ports are old! it means that is was built before the containerization when the general cargo handled in boxes & ballets (small packing). • These ports was full of magazines and warehouses to obtain such kind of cargo, the main roads inside of it was narrow and without traffic system so the port was separated by old bridges not safe for heavy cargo. • It was surrounded by customs fence and many gates that made cargo traffic control so difficult. • Security system depended on manpower and little equipments. • Without developing these ports implementing IT projects becomes useless and nonsense.

  16. VTMIS • LLTV Camera’s • ISPS – Code • Operations Rooms

  17. According to the IMO regulations IT became essential to the global maritime transport. • Its not optional to develop the ports services for many reasons: - Improve the service quality. - Minimizing the endurance of both ships and cargo in the ports. - Standardize the system of the ports services to cope with the international style. - Unified the sources of the information for all the port community.