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APICS Test Preparation PowerPoint Presentation
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APICS Test Preparation

APICS Test Preparation

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APICS Test Preparation

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  1. APICS Test Preparation Some tips for taking APICS Certification Exams

  2. Study Suggestions • Review the Exam Content Manual carefully. • Review the outline - do you understand everything in the outline? What don't you understand? Review that material. • Review the vocabulary - make sure you know the APICS definitions - from the APICS dictionary. Are there exceptions to the APICS definitions given in the Exam Content Manual? Know those definitions, too.

  3. Study Suggestion (Cont.) • Attend class – Participate! • Take the Sample Test • Review Exam questions in the Participant Guide • Go to the References! • Additional reading • Study Notes by Brian Wilcox

  4. Steps to Better Test Taking • Do a memory dump as soon as you sit down : formulas, dates, etc. • Read the question and answers and make a tentative selection • Don’t pick the first “good” answer; select the BEST answer • Reread the question and answers to confirm your selection

  5. Steps (Cont.) • Use the “Mark-It” option for each question you are unsure of • After the “first pass,” go back to the marked items • After reviewing marked items, review everything else until you run out of time or you are satisfied you have done your best!

  6. Special Hints • APICS likes answers that suggest empowerment, information sharing, speed, flexibility, feedback, partnerships, JIT, quality, etc. • (Almost) Never say “never” — nor “always” • Watch out for “EXCEPTS” • Beware the obvious

  7. Special Hints (Cont.) • Every item has four answer choices. Two are usually “throwaways,” one is almost right, and one is “best” • You want the “best” answer • Sometimes, you must pick the “least obnoxious answer” • Leave no question unanswered — even if you don’t have time to read it!

  8. Special Hints (Cont.) • On “Roman Numeral” questions, review the I,II,III,IV statements and select the “true” response(s). Then pick the a,b,c,d answer that matches your selection. If there isn’t an answer that matches your selection, attack the problem logically. Sometimes you get lucky! • Don’t let experience get in the way!

  9. Be Prepared • Have a light snack before starting • If you use prescription glasses for computer work be sure to bring them • If you have a cold bring tissues, cough drops, etc. • Come early and stay calm! • You don’t need pencils, calculators, etc.

  10. Sentence Structure Predicate Subject men were eaten Three by bear in woods a the Adjective Prepositional phrase Prepositional phrase

  11. Student’s Top Four Problems • Not studying the Exam Content Manual or sample questions • Not knowing underlying concepts • Trying to predict test questions • Carelessness—not paying attention to the WORDS in questions

  12. Most Common Errors During the Test • Not setting a schedule. You have about 2-½ minutes for each question; allow about 1-½ minutes for the “first pass.” Use the extra time (about an hour) for review. • Not knowing the considerations when changing your answer (and second guessing yourself out of a right answer!) • Not checking the last step or comparing your scratch calculation to the answer selected

  13. The Feeling of Relief After Successfully Completing the Test!

  14. Prepared by: • Bob Johnson CFPIM, CIRMAPICS Course Content ExpertPresidentRobert D. Johnson ConsultingSt. Louis, MO USA • With input from the following instructors: • Bob Collins, CFPIM, CIRM • Bill Latham, CFPIM, CIRM • Jam Steiner, CPIM