lets take a look on how they compare head to head n.
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Amazon Echo Dot (كاش باك) PowerPoint Presentation
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Amazon Echo Dot (كاش باك)

Amazon Echo Dot (كاش باك)

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Amazon Echo Dot (كاش باك)

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  1. LETS TAKE A LOOK ON HOW THEY COMPARE HEAD TO HEAD Amazon Echo Dot vs Google Home Mini

  2. Design : Verdict : Google Home Mini While Amazon has done a really good job with Amazon Echo dot when it was released, when compared to Google home mini, Amazon Echo dot, fall short to seems part of stylish smooth design. Giving Amazon Home Mini and edge

  3. Color options : Verdict : Draw Amazon was released with two lovely colors, black and white , but Google Home trying to raise the bar released 3 colors one white , black , and (orangy / redish color). Google aim additional color would show more variety,

  4. Apps & Capabilities : Verdict : Amazon Alexa Dot Amazon Alexa been around much longer and naturally it is more integrated. One of the main reason Google Home devices are still playing catch ups are the fact that Amazon got all of those capabilities built around them.

  5. Integration:Verdict : Amazon Alexa Dot Amazon Alexa was there when there was no competition many companies haven’t seen Google Home coming for that very reason, many smart home devices were built to enable Amazon Alexa and it would take them time to get Google Home there.

  6. Search Abilities:Verdict : Google Home Mini So, here is the strongest suit of Google Home, Google virtual assistants is backed with the power of Google capabilities in search engine and years of experience on mobile phones a long with natural language capabilities

  7. Price:Verdict : Draw Both items priced almost the same with Google home mini priced at $49 and Amazon Alexa Dot placed at $49.99. $.99 is not high enough to make someone roll after one device over the other. This being said , we will see a lot of deals going around and Amazon Alexa Dot and Google home will go for sales for around $35 through black friday deals in various stores, so keep an eye for a good deal.

  8. Overall Winner: Final Verdict : Draw I would recommend to go for Amazon Alexa Dot if you looking for smart device that integrated better with other smart home devices. On the other hand, if you looking for a device that can understand you better, able to answer questions with quality answers, then Google Home Mini would be the way to go. I had the chance to experience both devices, and I would personally go for both 🙂