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Ideas to Add Glamour to Your Bachelorette PowerPoint Presentation
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Ideas to Add Glamour to Your Bachelorette

Ideas to Add Glamour to Your Bachelorette

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Ideas to Add Glamour to Your Bachelorette

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  1. Ideas to Add Glamour to Your Bachelorette Are you ready to plan the best bachelorette night out for that special woman in your life? Doesn’t matter if she’s a friend, sibling or cousin – the noteworthy part here is that she is important to you and you want to make this night of freedom memorable for her and the team bachelorette! While you’re at it, why not go all out? Make your party a glowing paradise apart from the usual team bride sachets, crowns, sultry dresses and male strippers, light sticks for party, one thing that binds all these activities together is the decoration. Imagine partying in a bland home ambiance with a few party balloons barely reminding you to have fun. Not cool. So, here are a few ideas that may help you glam up a bachelorette party. Theme and Colors Instead of applying all the bachelorette ideas you see on Google, go ahead and chart out a theme for the party. The theme must match the bride’s personality, so it would be easier if you incorporate the add ones of her interest. It’s her day after all! She may like floral arrangements, pictures taking to the memory lane, disco lights, minimal soft decoration or more. After you are finished with deciding the theme, fuse it with a color palette that matches the venue and bride’s interest. Same theme can be used if you wish to choose a dress code for the party. Use vibrant colors that uplift the mood of everyone present there. Pro tip: The theme doesn’t need to be a crazy party scene. Play on the bride and bridesmaids common ground of interest. The lights Day bachelorette tea parties or relaxing spa parties are fine. But at night, your party must glow like a goldmine. Use fairy lights to add brightness in the ambiance. In addition to that, bring glow sticks to jazz up the party. Custom light up foam sticks would be a wonderful addition to the entire setting. You can get a message printed or everyone’s name printed on the sticks. This personalized touch will warm hearts of fellow bridesmaids. Throw a personalized light up foam stick in goodie bags for all the ladies, with a sweet message printed on them, to remember this party even after years go by. Balloons Who can forget the balloons! You shouldn’t either. You will find a plethora of balloon shapes, designs and styles to fit your designated theme. There is no such thing as too many balloons, so

  2. go gaga on them. You can use your creativity to incorporate the different shaped balloons like champagne, cake and more in your decoration to style a clickable background for the ladies. Tie ribbon strings to helium filled balloons and stick some memorable photographs of the bride on other end. It will create a mesmerizing decoration too. While glamming up a bachelorette party do not go easy on glitter and lights. Make this day al lifetime memory for the bride to be!