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  1. Biography

  2. Characteristics of a Biography #1 • A story about a real person

  3. Characteristics of a Biography # 2 • Shows that the author knows a lot about the person • The author must do extensive research on the subject by conducting interviews, reading books, scripts, etc.

  4. Characteristics of a Biography # 3 • Describes the person’s environment • Such as, where, when and how they lived

  5. Characteristics of a Biography# 4 • Provides details that show the person in action • Such as, their accomplishments, goals, behavior, etc.

  6. Characteristics of a Biography # 5 • Shows how the person affects other people • Such as, changes that they made in a person’s life which could include new discoveries in science and medicine or changes in laws; helping people, and includes the artists

  7. Characteristics of a Biography #6 • States or implies how the writer feels about the person • Different authors will or may have a different view point of the person • The author’s point of view could be positive or negative

  8. Finding a Biography • The call number of a biography is indicated by a B • Under the B are the first three letters of the person’s last name that the book is about. • For example, Martin Luther King B KIN

  9. Different types of Biographies • First-hand biography • Autobiography • Collective Biography • Unauthorized Biography

  10. First Hand Biography • Reveals another person though the eyes of a writer who has had an ongoing, face-to-face, personal relationship with the person

  11. Autobiography • The main character is the author • For example, if you were to write a biography about yourself, then that would be an autobiography

  12. Autobiography • Recounts key incidents/events in the author’s life

  13. Autobiography • Describes major influences (people, events, places) on the writer A teacher home A Speech A teacher Home

  14. Autobiography • Describes interactions between the writer and significant people in his or her life A teacher A pastor A father A mother

  15. Visual and Oral FormsAutobiography • Pictures and paintings that depict events or people they are familiar with • Photo albums or video tapes that record important moments in their lives • Skits and plays based on their life stories

  16. More Visual and Oral FormsAutobiography • Informal anecdotes about their lives, shared in conversations with friends and family • Tangible mementos and souvenirs, such as awards, seashells, or favorite childhood toys

  17. Finding an Autobiography • The call number is also indicated by a B • Under the B are the first three letters of the person’s last name that the book is about • Remember the person that the book is about is also the author

  18. Collective Biography • Has many different biographies that are all contained in one book • An example, Meet the Presidents by Cindy Bardon • This book would be found in 920 BAR • This book is about many different United States Presidents

  19. Finding a Collective Biography • The call number is 920. Under the number 920 are the first three letters of the last name of the author of the book

  20. Unauthorized Biography • Biography about a person that was not approved by the subject that the book is about • These are usually about celebrities. • Risk of suit is great • Purpose is the entertain