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Biography. List of Works. Sample Poems. Inspired Poems. Original Poems. Bibliography. Created by: Abigail Berger. Biography. Biography. Marie Howe: The Writer with True Intensity “Marie Howe’s poetry is luminous, intense, and eloquent, rooted in an abundant inner life ( MarieHowe.com )

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  1. Biography List of Works Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography Created by: Abigail Berger

  2. Biography Biography Marie Howe: The Writer with True Intensity “Marie Howe’s poetry is luminous, intense, and eloquent, rooted in an abundant inner life (MarieHowe.com) This quote from Marie’s former instructor Stanley Kunitz gives insight to the quality of Marie Howe’s poetry. Marie Howe was born in 1950 in Rochester, New York. She was the oldest of nine children. As a child Howe attended the Sacred Heart Convent School and later earned her undergraduates degree at the University of Windsor. Howe worked as a teacher and newspaper reporter before getting her Masters in Fine Arts. Howe’s brother, John, died in 1989 due to aids related causes. Howe also suffered a huge loss when her grandfather died. These events took quite a toll on Howe and made her change her aesthetic on life entirely. Howe currently lives in New York with her daughter and teaches at the Sarah Lawrence University New York and New York University (“Marie Howe”, (Poetryfoundation.org). Howe was not very serious about pursuing a career in poetry until she turned 30. Howe took interest when she was accepted into Columbia University, and was under the instruction of Stanley Kunitz. 1983 she got her Masters in Fine Arts. Howe had taken to poetry very well and was very talented in her writing. Howe has won numerous awards and honors: fellowship at the Bunting Institute, Guggenheim fellowship, National Endowment for Arts fellowship and the 1987 open competition of the National Poetry Series. Howe’s poetry was influenced by the death of her brother and grandfather (MarieHowe.com). Her instructor, Stanley Kunitz had a huge impact on her. He is what really got her into writing (“Marie Howe”, Poetryfoundation.org) List of Works Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  3. Biography Cont. Biography Howe’s poetry is very metaphorical and has an intense quality. Her poetry is often a reflection of what goes on throughout her life. Howe likes to eliminate all the everyday influences and really take a look at life. “This might be the most difficult task for us in postmodern life: not to look away from what is actually happening. To put down the i-pod and email and phone. To look long enough so we can look through it like a window,” notes Howe on the writing of poetry (poets.org). Howe has a collection of poems written about her brother, for example. Howe has a loves using metaphors. For example, in the poem ‘Once or Twice or Three Times I Saw Something’ Howe uses that consuming swirling wind that ‘breathes’ up everything in its path as a metaphor to the way the superficial and material is consuming reality and the natural world. She says that poetry is, “Simply telling somebody something (blueflowerarts.com).” Howe does not see writing poetry as a job but a true passion. She will be known for her intense and even disturbing poetry. Howe has many poems that get to the meaning and sometimes disturbing truth and reality. Howe’s poem ‘What the Living Do’ asks why some yearn to be living since, in reality, sometimes life isn’t so great ‘This is it. Parking. Slamming the car door shut in the cold. What you called that yearning’ (The Atlantic.com). Howe is a very talented poet and puts a lot of thought and feeling into her poetry. She is a poet with a brilliant quality to her work and her poetry makes a person think. It’s deep and thought inspiring. Howe should forever be known for pulling off such difficult writing so well. Marie Howe is truly a writer of luminous poetry (blueflowerarts.com). List of Works Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  4. Marie Howe Collection of Poems From the Good Thief: “Part of Eve’s Discussion” “Death, the last visit” “What the Angels Left” “The Mountain” “The Meadow” “From Nowhere” “Bad Weather” “Providing for Each Other” “Menses” “The Thin Smattering Applause” “The Split” “What Belongs to Us” “Recovery” “Gretel, from a sudden clearing” “Song of the Spinster” “Keeping Still” “Apology” “Retribution” “Grosvenor Road” “The Beast” “How Many Times” “Letter to My Sister” “Isaac” “The Wise Men” “My Father’s Oak” “Without Devotion” “Guests” “The Good Reason for Our”“Forgetting” “Sorrow” “Lullaby” “The Unforgiven” “Veteran’s Day” “Mary’s Argument” “Encounter” “What the Living Do” “The Boy” “Sixth Grade” “The Fort” “From my Father’s Side of the Bed” “Buying the Baby” "Practicing” “The Mother” “In the Movies” “The Attic” “Beth” “The Fruit Cellar” “The Copper Beech” “The Game” “The Girl” “The Dream” “For Three Days” “Just Now” “A Certain Light” “How Some of it Happened” “Rochester, New York, July 1989” “The Last Time” “Without Music” “Pain” “Faulkner” “The Promise” “The Cold Outside” “The Grave” “The Gate” “One of the Last Days” “Late Morning” “Wanting a Child” “Tulips” “Watching Television” “The Dream” “More” “Separation” “The Bird” “Prayer” “Two of Three Times” “Reunion” “The Kiss” “Yesterday” Memorial My Dead Friends The Visit The New Life What the Living Do Buddy List of Works Biography List of Works Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  5. Biography Once or Twice or Three Times I Saw Something by Marie Howe List of Works ONCE OR TWICE OR THREE TIMES, I SAW SOMETHING Once or twice or three times, I saw somethingrise from the dust in the yard, like the soulof the dust, or from the field, the soul-bodyof the field – rise and hover like a veil in the sunbillowing – as if I could see the wind itself.I thought I did it – squinting – but I didn’t.As if the edges of things blurred – so what was inbled out, breathed up and mingled: bush and cowand dust and well: breathed a field I walked throughwaist high, as through high grass or water, my fingersswirling through it – or it through me. I saw it.It was thing and spirit both: the realworld: evident, invisible. Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography Click Here For Analysis

  6. Analysis of Once or Twice or Three Times I Saw Something Biography Analysis In the poem “Once or Twice or Three Times, I Saw Something” Marie Howe uses a very metaphorical way of writing to get at an important issue; seeing the world for what it truly is and not letting vision be blurred by all the superficial. This poem is about how people get so caught up in all the material items of this world that they almost forget what is really important and delude themselves of true reality. Howe uses a strong metaphor in the line ‘As if the edges blurred-so what was in bled out, breathed up and mingled: bush and cow and dust as well’. This is all a metaphor; it compares this all-consuming ‘thing’ to the technology and the, not to sound repetitive, superficial material of the world. ‘It breathes up bush and cow and dust as well’, the material world is consuming the natural world. Howe’s use of metaphors is truly amazing. A metaphor is when one thing is being represented or compared to another. This metaphor is incredibly strong and it helps the reader better understand what is truly happening. People are forgetting what the real world looks like. They would be lost without the cell phone, the i-pod, the computer, etc. Could they ever just sit and see the true beauty of this earth around them? ‘It was thing and spirit both; the real world; evident, invisible.’ There is so much that is important and it’s all around but the people are so blinded by everything else. What is truly important seem to become invisible. List of Works Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  7. The Gate by Marie Howe Biography The Gate by Marie Howe is talking about her brother and his death. It tells of his time 0n earth and how Howe grieves for him. I like this poem because it is serious and remorseful but at the same time it is not an extremely depressing poem. It simply tells of his life and you can truly tell Howe cared and loved her brother. I feel compassion in her writing and it makes me think about what I’d do if I didn’t have my sister or baby brother. After reading this it made me think about if I’d have these thoughts if one of them was to leave. This is a very thought inspiring poem. The Gate By Marie Howe I had no idea that the gate I would step through to finally enter this world would be the space my brother's body made. He was a little taller than me: a young man but grown, himself by then, done at twenty-eight, having folded every sheet, rinsed every glass he would ever rinse under the cold and running water. This is what you have been waiting for, he used to say to me. And I'd say, What? And he'd say, This—holding up my cheese and mustard sandwich. And I'd say, What? And he'd say, This, sort of looking around. List of Works Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  8. The Promise By Marie Howe In the poem ‘The Promise’ by Marie Howe she talks about empty promises. She talks about her hopes goals and dreams but has to face the harsh reality that shows that most of these dreams will more than likely not come true. I like this poem because it is realistic. As a realist I don’t like to read about ‘fluff’ stuff. You feel a sense of pity for this character yet you admire her ability to hope. Biography The Promise In the dream I had when he came back not sick    but whole, and wearing his winter coat,    he looked at me as though he couldn't speak, as if    there were a law against it, a membrane he       couldn't break    His silence was what he could not    not do, like our breathing in this world,      like our living.    As we do, in time.    And I told him: I'm reading all this      Buddhist stuff,    and listen, we don't die when we die. Death is      an event,    a threshold we pass through. We go on and on    and into light forever.    And he looked down, and then back up at me.      It was the look we'd pass    across the table when Dad was drunk again      and dangerous,    the level look that wants to tell you something,    in a crowded room, something important,      and can't List of Works Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  9. Hurry By Marie Howe Biography List of Works Hurry We stop at the dry cleaners and the grocery store    and the gas station and the green market and    Hurry up honey, I say, hurry,    as she runs along two or three steps behind me    her blue jacket unzipped and her socks rolled down.    Where do I want her to hurry to? To her grave?    To mine? Where one day she might stand all grown?    Today, when all the errands are finally done, I say to her,    Honey I'm sorry I keep saying Hurry—    you walk ahead of me. You be the mother.    And, Hurry up, she says, over her shoulder, looking    back at me, laughing. Hurry up now darling, she says,    hurry, hurry, taking the house keys from my hands. Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography Click Here To See Inspired Poem

  10. Prayer By Marie HoweSomeone or something is leaning close to me nowtrying to tell me the one true story of my life:one note,low as a bass drum, beaten over and over:It’s beginning summer,and the man I love has forgotten my smellthe cries I made when he touched me, and my laughterwhen he picked me upand carried me, still laughing, and laid me down,among the scattered daffodils on the dining room table.And Jane is dead,                                        and I want to go where she went,where my brother went,and whoever it is that whispered to mewhen I was a child in my father’s bed is come back now:and I can’t stop hearing                                                     This is the way it is,the way it always was and will be— Biography List of Works Sample Poems Click Here to see inspired poetry Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  11. Prayer Cont. Biography List of Works beaten over and over—panicking in street comers,or crouched in the back of taxicabs,afraid I’ll cry out in jammed traffic, and no one will know meor know where to bring me Sample Poems Inspired Poems There it is, I almost remember,another story:It runs along this one like a brook beside a train.The sparrow knows it, the grass rises with it.The wind moves through the highest tree branches withoutseeming to hurt them.Tell me.Who was I when I used to call your name? Original Poems Bibliography

  12. Push, Shove, Rush: Inspired by Hurry Biography Push, Shove, Rush by Abigail Berger The market street was a swirl of commotion Hungry shoppers, looking for the next sale So much running and shoving Why can’t we take time to slow down and relax? Stop and breathe in the tender air Why are we rushing? And to where? Life on earth is such a brief experience. Take it in and drag out and delight in each moment. Observe what transpiring around you, No need to rush or push or shove. Let’s not rush today. Take a small vacation, And really stop and learn to appreciate life. List of Works Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  13. Destiny: Inspired by Prayer Biography List of Works Destiny by Abigail Berger Someone or something is leaning close to me now trying to tell me the one true story of my life: Why can there only be one story? And why are you leaning so close to me? Can’t I take and determine my own life story? This is not your life to live… I will not let you take control me anymore. So back off…get away from me! I have now found my voice My own destiny, my own thoughts… You may continue your treacherous and heinous life But I will no longer be dragged into it You will no longer tell me how I will live… Only I know my one true life story… And the story is abundant with multiple stories. Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  14. Original Poetry Biography Music A way of true expression A testament almost spoken in passion The director of the choir Smiling and bowing to the audience He stares waiting for their reaction Will there be a roar of exuberance Or a dead silence Will they stand Or just sit there Unmoving…staring…. The quiet spreads Through the auditorium The accompanist begins The choir starts to sing Their music List of Works Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  15. Original Poetry Biography List of Works Liam Payne by Abigail Berger A bundle of joy A surprise for sure A son and apprentice for my dad A little man for my mom to adore A munchkin for me A new experience for my sister (now a big sister!) A playmate for my once only male cousin A ready smile for whenever you’re feeling down A good excuse to be silly A symbol of total love and innocence A delightful baby boy A fill for the void we never knew existed A bundle of joy…most definitely! Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  16. Original Poetry: The Parallel of Genuine and Superficial Biography List of Works The Genuine Relationships are… At times difficult Relationships are… Intimate Relationships are… Fun and sometimes even silly Relationships are… Made when 2 people make a real connection Relationships are… Sometimes made even if you know it will make your life harder Relationships are… Supposed to be a testament to love and honesty Relationships are… Between 2 individuals Relationships are… Difficult yet rewarding Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

  17. Original Poetry: The Parallel of Genuine and Superficial Biography List of Works The Superficial High school relationships are… At times blissful High school relationships are… A topic of gossip High school relationships are… Full of confusion and anguish High school relationships are… Often made to gain popularity High school relationships are… Made to make social life easier High School Relations are… Tested by deceitfulness and phoniness High school relationships are… Open to anyone and everyone who feels they need to throw in their 2 cents worth High school relationships are… Often fun yet regrettable Sample Poems Inspired Poems Original Poems Bibliography

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