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  1. Biography • Born- St. Louis, Missouri • Moved to Jerusalem • Father ministered at Unity School of Christianity • Moved to San Antonio • Traveled around world

  2. “Shihab--’shooting star” -“Blood” A true Arab knows how to catch a fly in his hands -“Blood” “If he would believe his life is like that he would not follow his father into war” -”Fundamentalism “19 Varieties of Gazelles: Poems of The Middle East” “Different Ways to Pray” “Half and Half”

  3. Characteristics • Prose poems • Lyrics • Palestinian topics • Dialog • Rhetorical questions • Personificationof everyday objects

  4. It’s hard up there. You dig in a box for whatever the moment requires: sweater, wreath, the other half of the walky-talky, and find twelve things you forgot about which delay the original search, since now that you found them you have to think about them. Do I want to keep this, bring it downstairs? Of course your life feels very different from the life you had when you packed it up there. Maybe your life has another kind of room in it now, maybe it feels more crowded. Maybe you think looking at this old ceramic cup with the pocked white glaze that you made in college would uplift you in the mornings. Your search takes on an urgent ratlike quality as you rip paper out of boxes, shredding and piling it. Probably by now you’ve stood up too fast and speared your head on one of the nails that holds the roof shingles down. They’re lined up all along the rafters, poking through, aimed. Now you have to think about tetanus, rusty nails, the hearty human skull. A little dizzy for awhile, you’re too occupied to remember what sent you up into the dark.