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Office of Professional Preparation

Office of Professional Preparation

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Office of Professional Preparation

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  1. Office of Professional Preparation Certification Training Webinar I Thursday, June 13, 2013

  2. West Virginia Policy 5202 • Minimum requirements for license of educational personnel are established within WV Educational Policy 5202. • Board of Education Legislative Rule Title 126, Series 136

  3. New Protocols • Faxes are no longer accepted in lieu of required original documents • Certificates available online (PDF) • All Form 26 submissions require the processing fee ($$) • Fees are no longer able to be transferred (very few exceptions)

  4. Fingerprints/Background • All first-time applicants must complete • Out of state clearance not acceptable • Options: • Schedule a LiveScan appointment through Morpho Trust (L1) or by calling 855-766-7746 • Request fingerprint cards from our office and • submit with application to our office; or • send to Morpho Trust by completing and sending the WV Card Scan Form

  5. Finding the Most Current Forms Be sure to retrieve forms from our website each time you need a form. Follow this procedure: From the WVDE home page Select Educators Then select Certification From the Certification page, select Downloadable Forms Do not use the search feature on website

  6. Next, select Downloadable Forms

  7. Applicant Information Form

  8. Applicant Information Form Please complete all sections of the applicant form. Essential information Part 1 –SSN, US Citizen, Email, County School System. *If there’s no county listed, remember to complete a Form 4B *If there was a name change, please provide a copy of your marriage certificate, etc. Part 2 – Please answer all questions openly and honestly. If the applicant answers “yes” to any question, they must also include a detailed narrative of any/all incidents, any court and/or personnel documents, and documentation of completion of required programs or paid fines/fees. Part 3 -- Original Applicant Signature and Date Part 5 --Original Superintendent Signature and Date

  9. Applicant Information page tied to employment

  10. Form 7 All first-time applicants must complete

  11. Applications for Initial Licensure: Forms 20T, 20A, and 20S

  12. Applications for Initial Teacher Licensure Form 20T and Form 20A

  13. Academic Requirements • Applicants for Initial Teacher Licensure in the state of West Virginia must • Have completed a Teacher Preparation program through an accredited college/university • Have completed a Student Teaching experience as part of the Teacher Preparation program • Earned a minimum 2.5 GPA overall for all college/university coursework attempted

  14. Reciprocity Requirements • Out-of-state applicants seeking initial licensure in the state of West Virginia, based on reciprocity, are required to meet EACH of the following: • Hold a valid/unexpired teacher certificate/license issued by another state • Meet ALL Academic Requirements listed on the previous slide

  15. Form 20T Use Form 20T in cases of • In-State College Recommendation: Applicant has completed a Teacher Preparation program from a college/university in West Virginia

  16. Form 20T

  17. Form 20TSupporting Documentation • The Form 20-T requires the following supporting documentation: • Official college / university transcripts (BOTH Undergraduate and Graduate levels) • Praxis Exam scores* *For list of required Praxis Exams, review Appendix B of Policy 5202.

  18. Form20A • Use the Form 20A in cases of • Out-of-State College Recommendation: Applicant has completed a Teacher Preparation program from a college/university outside of the state of West Virginia. • Reciprocity: Applicant holds a valid /unexpired license from a state other than West Virginia

  19. Form 20A

  20. Form 20A Supporting Documentation • The Form 20A requires the following supporting documentation • Official college / university transcripts (BOTH Undergraduate and Graduate levels) • Copy (front and back) of valid out-of-state teacher license – in cases of Reciprocity ONLY.

  21. Form 20A Supporting Documentation • Praxis Scores are recommended for out-of-state college recommendation applicants* • A 1-Year Temporary Certificate can be issued if Praxis requirements are not met** *For list of required Praxis Exams, review Appendix B of Policy 5202. **Applicants must meet Praxis requirements for renewal.

  22. Application for Initial Student Support License Form 20S

  23. Student Support License • Positions which require a Student Support Licensure include • School Counselor • School Nurse • School Psychologist • Speech-Language Pathologist • School Attendance Director

  24. Form 20S • Use the Form 20S in cases of Application through • In-State College Recommendation • Out-of-State College Recommendation • Reciprocity

  25. Form 20S

  26. Minimum Requirements • Minimum Requirements for license for positions encompassed under the title of Student Support Personnel vary. • Please refer to Section 10.3 of Policy 5202 to review minimum requirements for a specified Support Personnel position • For required Praxis Exam information, review Appendix B of Policy 5202

  27. Applications for Student Teacher PermitForms 23 and 24

  28. Student Teacher Permit FAQ • Who must apply? Any candidate who will student teach in a public school in West Virginia • Exception: Any candidate who holds or previously held a license, permit, or certificate issued by the WVDE (including coaching)

  29. Student Teacher Permit FAQ • When should the candidate apply? 90 days prior to the beginning of the experience, but not later than eight (8) weeks prior to the experience.

  30. Form 23 Out-of-State Applicants

  31. WV Higher Education Policy Commission • For Out-of-State Institutions seeking to place applicants in West Virginia schools: Must have received approval from the WV Higher Education Policy Commission.Contact Person: Kathy Butler, Commission Vice Chancellorkbutler@hepc.wvnet.edu304-558-0261

  32. Form 23

  33. Form 23 • Must be signed by West Virginia County Official • $25 non-refundable Processing Fee required • Specific school placement not required • May place “TBD” if yet to be determined • No Fingerprints Required

  34. Form 23 DOES NOT TAKE PLACE OF FORM 24 • A completed Form 24 must accompany the Form 23

  35. Form 24 The Student Teaching Permit

  36. Form 24 • Completed Form 7 and Fingerprinting Required • $25 non-refundable Processing Fee Required • County of Placement is Required • Specific school placement not required • May place “TBD” if yet to be determined

  37. Applicant Information

  38. Form 24

  39. Form 24 • Institution and County designated on Form 7 receive notification of permit approval via email • Institution notifies county of successful completion of student teaching • Candidate is eligible to substitute teach (short-term) for remainder of current academic year

  40. Miscellaneous • Form 4B cannot be used in lieu of superintendent’s signature on Form 23 or 24 • Licensed Teachers Adding Endorsements • Form 24 NOT needed for “On-the-Job” Practicum • Student Teachers must be re-fingerprinted prior to application for West Virginia Initial Teacher License

  41. Form 2 Short-term and Long-term Substitutes including School Nurse

  42. Form 2First-time Applicant • Use newest form • Include the hire date and date training completed • Mark whether the application is for a short-term or long-term substitute • If long-term, be sure to include the proper endorsement(s)

  43. May use 1 time

  44. Using an Expired License An expiredWest Virginia professional certificate or an expired or valid out of state teaching license may be used only once in lieu of the 18 hours of training. Certificate may not be expired for more than 5 years prior to date of application.

  45. Documentation Needed for the Following

  46. Example of documentation of renewal hours for substitute

  47. First Class Permit A first class permit (FCP) or out-of-field authorization (OOF) may be issued when an educator who is not certified for a specific employment position is hired by the county into the position, when no fully-certified educator has applied.