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Coyote School News

Coyote School News

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Coyote School News

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  1. Coyote School News Compiled by: Terry Sams PES Written and Illustrated by: Joan Sandin Meet the Author

  2. Summary Ramon Ernesto Ramirez grew up on a ranch in the southwestern United States in the 1930’s. His life was the same as ours in some ways. He went to school every day, he had to do chore before he could play, and he celebrated holidays with his family.But his life was different, too. Because he lived on a ranch, he helped round up and brand the cattle.

  3. Study Skills • Genre: Historical Fiction • Comprehension Skill: Draw Conclusions • Comprehension Strategy: Prior Knowledge • Comprehension Review Skill: Setting • Vocabulary: Dictionary/Glossary

  4. Genre: Historical Fiction • Historical Fiction is set in the past. It is a story in which some of the details are factual but in which others are made up or are loosely based on history. Look for the factual details as you read. Click on Genre to learn more about different genres and Realistic Fiction.

  5. Comprehension Skill Tested –Draw Conclusions TE 187A • When you draw conclusions, you use details and what you already know to form opinions or make decisions about characters and events.

  6. Comprehension Strategy – Prior Knowledge TE164aBackground Tape – Life on a Cattle Ranch • Good readers use what they know to help them understand what they read. They try to connect it to what they already know. They think about whether they have ever seen or experienced what they are reading about. This helps understand the new information. • Let’s practice what we know about life on a ranch.

  7. Play Life On a Ranch People Work

  8. Comprehension Skill Review: Setting TE 171 • Setting is the time and place in which a story occurs. • Sometimes the settingis important to the lot of a story. At other times, the setting is only background. • Sometimes pictures show the setting, and sometimes you have to imagine it. • Details the author has written can help you see, hear, feel, and smell what it is like to be there.

  9. Vocabulary Strategy Dictionary / GlossaryTe 187c • Some words have more than one meaning. • Sometimes readers need to check a dictionary or glossary to find the meaning that makes sense for the sentence.

  10. Vocabulary Strategy Dictionary / GlossaryTe 187c • The dark, or bold, words defined are called entry words. • The entry word may not match the word in the selection exactly. • Entry words are often are words without endings, prefixes, or suffixes.

  11. Let’s use a dictionary to define thee words from the story:

  12. A newspaper is a daily or weekly publication containing world and local news and other features. Newspapers are divided into sections. Each section focuses on a subject, such as local news, arts, or sports. Research/Study Skills – Newspaper/Newsletters TE 187L

  13. A newspaper has an index on or near the front page. Newspapers include editorial pages that express opinions on current events. Research/Study Skills – Newspaper/Newsletters TE 187L

  14. Research/Study Skills – Newspaper/Newsletters TE 187 L • A newsletter is a brief publication from a group that contains news of interest to the group’s members. • Newspaper and newsletter articles are identified with headlines and may include illustrations or photographs with captions.

  15. Fun Stuff • Coyote School Site • Vocabulary Cards • Lesson Plan

  16. Question of the WeekTE 162 m • How can we work together to achieve our goal?

  17. Day 2 - Question of the Day • What work must be done on a ranch?

  18. Day 3 - Question of the Day • How do all the children contribute to Coyote News?

  19. Day 4 - Question of the Day - Review • What steps should students follow to produce a school newspaper?

  20. Weekly Fluency Check -Emotion TE 187a • Read aloud “A Big-City Dream” on p. 162m. Explain that you will express Luz’s emotions by changing your pacing and tone of voice. Point out reading with emotion makes dialogue more interesting • Read aloud Pg. 172,paragraphs 2-3. Have students notice how your pitch and tone changes to express feelings.

  21. Review Questions • Why do the students like Miss Byers? • How are Monchi and Miss Byers alike? • How is Tucson different from Monchi’s community? • Why is it difficult for Monchi to choose between the Attendance Award and the roundup?

  22. Review Questions • Tell something about the setting of this story in both time and place. • Why does the author use pages from the Coyote News in the story? • How did Miss Byers help students appreciate their culture? • How do you know school is important to the Ramirez family?

  23. Vocabulary - Say It • spurs • coyote • dudes • roundup • bawling

  24. More Words to Know mesquite promote convince energetic offers

  25. bawling crying out in a noisy way

  26. spurs metal points or pointed wheels, worn on a rider’s boot heels for urging a horse on

  27. coyote a small, wolf-like mammal living in many parts of North America

  28. dudes people raised in the city, especially easterners who vacation on a ranch

  29. roundup the act of driving or bringing cattle together from long distances

  30. mesquite any of several trees or bushes common in southwestern US and Mexico, which often grown in dense clumps or thickets

  31. promoted raised in rank, condition, or importance

  32. offers to hold out to be taken or refused; to be willing if another approves

  33. convince to make someone feel sure; cause to believe; persuade by argument or proof

  34. energetic full of energy; active; vigorous

  35. Guests on the ranch are called dudes.

  36. Guests on the ranch are called dudes.

  37. We went with the cowhands on a roundup.

  38. We went with the cowhands on a roundup.

  39. With just a touch of the spurs, a horse moves faster.

  40. With just a touch of the spurs, a horse moves faster.

  41. A coyote was howling in the distance.

  42. A coyote was howling in the distance.

  43. The cattle were mooing, and the calves were bawling.

  44. The cattle were mooing, and the calves were bawling.

  45. Edelia was promoted to Grade Two.

  46. Edelia was promoted to Grade Two.

  47. The pinata was hung between two big mesquite trees.

  48. The pinata was hung between two big mesquite trees.

  49. It is too much work if nobody offers to help.

  50. It is too much work if nobody offers to help.