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2018 Brand Guide, version 1.0 PowerPoint Presentation
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2018 Brand Guide, version 1.0

2018 Brand Guide, version 1.0

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2018 Brand Guide, version 1.0

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  1. 2018 Brand Guide, version 1.0 PR Roundtable Tim Lynch, Esther Tanaka, Ani Markarian

  2. Brand Guide website updating on Nov. 5 and 6

  3. What’s in the brand guide v1.0? Logo and variations Wordmark An overview of the seal Typography Color Photography Templates Downloads

  4. What’s coming in future versions • The Language of Cal Poly Pomona • Sub-brands • Colleges • Divisions • Departments • Seal usage guidelines • Additional templates

  5. Logo The octagon represents the 8 polytechnic elements and also the 8 academic colleges It also features a “C” and an Arrow

  6. Primary Logo This should be your first choice when possible Full color Light-colored, not complicated backgrounds It should appear at least once on every piece of communication

  7. Primary Logo Horizontal Stacked Use this when space necessitates Full color Light-colored, not complicated backgrounds

  8. Primary Logo Vertical Stacked Use this when space necessitates Full color Light-colored, not complicated backgrounds

  9. Black and white versions Guidelines… • These are not the preferred versions of the logo • Primarily used when background is dark • Use these versions when there are restrictions in size, placement, layout, color and/or media

  10. Black and white versions • Only black or white. (Not blue, green or gold) • Use when only one color is available • Can be used on more complex backgrounds • Can be smaller than minimum sizes of primary logos

  11. Logo variations Special use only. Seek permission before using.

  12. Wordmark • When possible, always combine the icon (octagon) and the wordmark • Use the wordmark on media if legibility or space is a concern • Must be in two color OR black/white. • Cannot be in all blue, all green or all gold

  13. University Seal • Full color or black and white • No spot color • Or, metal foil (gold and silver) • Only for Presidential Use • Seek permission in advance from President’s Office

  14. University Seal

  15. Typography Helvetica Justus Alternatives: Arial and Rockwell

  16. Color Palette

  17. Guidelines for Implementation

  18. Communicate! We’re all learning to use the new logo Ask questions Share with us

  19. This is a transition year Make every effort to transition by July 1, 2019 It’s OK to use up the “old” stuff. But don’t order more of it unless absolutely necessary. Do not mix old and newlogos

  20. Do not mix old and new

  21. Use the new brand going forward Use the new colorsin your designs We are blue, green and gold Don’t break up the logo Green on yellow isn’t the best If you want to use the wireframe logo, please ask

  22. Do not break up the logo* *different guidelines for merchandise

  23. Use the wireframe in a design, not as a logo replacement

  24. Other resources are available to you!

  25. Download and use… This PowerPoint, and another coming soon Email signature Fact sheet template Digital memo template

  26. Integrated communications and marketing is a group effort

  27. Your role… What’s happening? Participate in weekly conference calls or touch base with your StratComm liaison. If you take photos, send them to Tom so that he can add them to Cumulus. This benefits all of us. If you have implementation or design questions, please ask. Share your best practices with us, as well as challenges.