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Pearl Oyster Paint Sealant is the Best

This is the last paint sealant that you will ever have to use. It lasts for years and is highly durable and tough!

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Pearl Oyster Paint Sealant is the Best

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  1. Pearl Oyster Paint Sealant is the Best

  2. Ultimate Paintwork Protection

  3. Pearl Oyster Paint Sealant A technologically advanced, water based blend of durable waxes and acrylic resins, formulated to provide a powerful vehicle paint protection to maximize long life. Forms a transparent and virtually impenetrable glass-like protective barrier for all modern paint finishes against weather induced fading, acid rain damage, oxidization and loss of gloss.Stringently tested to extremes and having undergone the most rigorous of development regimes to ensure suitability for use in the harshest of climates and environments throughout the world. Successfully proven toprotect treated paint surface from weathering and significantly extend its lifetime, maintain appearance, reduce exterior maintenance and cleaning time.

  4. Ultimate Paintwork Protection:  A reliably unique blend of PTFE and acrylic resins containing UV screens. Unrivalled Finish & Protection: Leaves a deep gloss shine and a virtually impenetrable protective barrier for all today’s modern paint finishes, against weather induced fading, damaging acid rain, oxidization, loss of lustre and UV rays. • This has been tested to the extremes: Pearl Oyster Paint Sealant system has undergone the most rigorous of development regimes to ensure suitability for use in the harshest of climates and environments, throughout the world from Europe to Middle East to Far East. • It has very Low Chalk: Minimizes rubber or plastic staining – No dusting problems. • It is Environment Friendly: Unique water based formulation contains no aromatic solvents. • It is Bodyshop Approved: Contains no volatile silicones. • Pearl Oyster Paint Sealant has been stringently tested by experts from the Institute for Chemistry in Industry undergoing QUV weathering test and has proven to significantly protect the treated paint surface from weathering and extend its lifetime.

  5. QUV* ACCELERATED WEATHERING TEST METHOD: Test run comprises of 4,000 HOURS continuous cycle of 4 hours of U/V, followed by 4 hours condensation, 4 hours of U/V etc. • TEST RESULTS Successful completion of 4,000 hours @ 60°C (4,000 hours is theoretically equivalent to 20 years exposure). • *QUV is a Weatherometer Pearl Oyster Paint Sealant – Tomorrow’s Technology Today! • Directions: Shake well before use. Apply to clean and dry pre-treated area, section by section, using a clean soft cloth in a conventional polishing manner. Do not over apply or use in direct sunlight. Treat vehicle section by section, allowing the paint surface to haze, then buff to a deep shine with a clean dry microfibre polishing cloth. Do not allow the vehicle paintwork to come into contact with rain for at least 2 – 4 hours after polishing (Reduced to 1 hour in hot dry climates). For maximum efficiency ensure to allow Oyster Paint Sealant to fully cure and completely bond to treated paintwork – do not wash the vehicle for 1 week after application.

  6. Red Audi TT  Black Edition treated with Pearl Oyster Paint Sealant. Durability, Luster and Beauty!

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