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Lyme Disease – Signs & Symptoms PowerPoint Presentation
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Lyme Disease – Signs & Symptoms

Lyme Disease – Signs & Symptoms

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Lyme Disease – Signs & Symptoms

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  1. Lyme Disease – Signs & Symptoms Dr. Peter Dobie

  2. Lyme disease, also known as Lyme borreliosis among medical fraternity, is in reality a bacterial infection. Lyme disease spreads in people through the bites of infected ticks. Who doesn’t know what ticks are? We all have seen a tick once in a while in our life. These are small and spider-like things which are generally found in forests or similar places. They consume blood of humans, mammals and even birds. Ticks that carry the Lyme disease causing bacteria can be found all over Australia and in some other continents also.

  3. It's believed that near about 2000 to 4000 Lyme disease cases are reported in different parts of Australia every year. However, many Australians get infected with Lyme disease when they are travelling to other places such as North America and Europe. Lyme disease can normally be addressed efficiently if it is really diagnosed early. However, if it isn't dealt with or there’s a delay in treatment then the risk increases that you might get severe and long-lasting symptoms.

  4. Disease – Signs & Symptoms • Lymesdisease create a unique circular rash at the part where the tick has bitten, typically around in 7 to 30 days. • The rash usually looks like a bull's-eye on the board. The afflicted part of skin or body becomes red, also the edges of the area where rash has developed might be slightly lifted. • Generally, the rash is about six inches (15cm) in size, but it can also become larger or smaller in size. • Some individuals with Lyme disease may encounter flu-like signs or symptoms within the early phases, which include fever, headaches, fatigue, tiredness, joint pain, muscle pain and neck stiffness.

  5. Later Signs Or Symptoms • If Lymes disease is not treated early then some of its symptoms might even take months to appear. However, majority of serious signs and symptoms start creating trouble within a few weeks of tick bite. Some of later and more serious Lyme disease symptoms are: • Meningitis • Heart problems • Inflammatory arthritis (discomfort and swelling in the joints) • Issues arising that may affect nervous system

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