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  1. Apple Almond Apricot Ape Alligator Asparagus Ambulance Applejacks Armpit Aim Applause Ambush Misty Anderson Avoid Airplane Attack

  2. A • Foods that start with A • Apple • Apricot • Asparagus • Avocado • Artichoke • Do-able Actions • Act • Ate • Aggravate • Appear • Attack • Familiar with anything • Ape • Angel • Art • Alien • Airplane rt

  3. FOOD! Berries Bananas Beans Beef Bacon OBJECTS! Ball Bat Bear Barn Bike Boy ACTION! Bounce Bake Bite Bark Buy Rebecca Brown

  4. C Actions: Cartwheel Crawl Creep Can-Can Crab walk Carry Chase Chew Cut Foods: Carrots Cauliflower Candy Chicken Cake Corn Cereal Cherry Cheese Familiar Objects: Cat Cow Chicken Clock Camera Caterpillar Castle Coat Circle Crown

  5. The Letter “D” OR “d” Animals: Duck, Deer, Dog, Dragonfly, Dalmation. Actions: Dancing, Discovering, Drawing, Diving, Drinking, Drumming. Foods: Doritos, Doughnuts, Duck, Dip (chips and dip) , Dressing, Drumstick, Danish, Dessert Recognizable objects: Doll, Doctor, Dog, Door, Drum, Daisy, Dancer, Dish, Dinosaur Lisa Barkley

  6. Ashley E Elephant, Eagle, Elf, Eggs. Eel, Earth, Eggs, Earmuffs Email Ashley Taylor

  7. Foods • Eggs • Eggplant • Eggo Waffles E • Familiar Objects • Elephant *Eight • Ear *Eighteen • Easter *Elm • East *Elmo • El *Elbow • Elevator *Earmuffs • Actions • Eat • Earn • Eager Andrea Gnisci

  8. F Objects • Foot • Fence • Frog • Fan • Fireman • F Actions • Flip • Fly • Fall • Fizzle • Force • F Foods • Fish • French fries • Fruity Pebbles • Frosty • Fudge

  9. Gg • 5 Foods • gum • Goldfish • Gummy bears • goo • gumbo • 5 Actions • go • gulp • get • guess • give • 5 Familiar Objects • gas • gold • goat • garbage • giraffe Scott Shannon

  10. H Horse Harmonica Hit Hermit Crab Happy Humming Bird Hippo Hammer Hot Dog Hat Hard Hat “H” in Sign Language Ashley Hamlett Heart Hamburger Hockey

  11. hot dog, ham, honey, hamburger, hot chocolate • hit, hum, hike, high five, hug • horse, house, hat, hand, heart Taylor Lankford

  12. Foods: Ice-cream, Ice, Icing, Italian bread, and Ice tea Action Words: Imagine, Invent, Invade, Introduce, and Include Familiar Anything: Igloo, Iron, Iguana, Insect, and Ink Sha Faggart

  13. Theresa Lipka

  14. J Leigh Burleson … jar, jet, jewel, jeans & jet ski … jump rope, juggle, jerk, jog & jangle …juice, jam, jello, jelly, & junk food

  15. The Letter K Familiar Foods: Ketchup, Key Lime Pie, Kiwi, Kit-Kat BarActions: Kick, Karaoke, Kayak, Karate, KissObjects: Kite, Kitty, Kangaroo, Key, King, Kitchen, Kaleidoscope, Kilt, Kidney

  16. Kk Kk Kk Kk • Objects • Kangaroo • Kitten • Koala • Kite • Kitchen • Knot • Key • Kazoo • Actions • Knit • Knead • Kick • Karaoke • Kiss • Foods • Kit Kat Bar • Kellogg’s • Kiwi • Kumquat • Ketchup Image from Image from Samantha Lawrence

  17. Lips Lion Lollipop Leash and Leg Lemon Line L l Little Large Long Low Loud Letter Lake Library Leaf Light Live Learn Love Line Lunch Lizard Leopard Lobster Llama Lamb Laugh Lick Ladybug Ladder

  18. love lime log lettuce lamp listen ladder lemon line Carrie lion learn laugh ladybug

  19. Mail M m Mouse Mayonnaise Music Mustard Mow Monkey Mitten Mad Map Mop Milk

  20. Actions that start with “M” *Move *Magic *Motor Animals that start with “M” *Monkey *Mouse *Moose *Manta Ray Food that start with “M” *Marshmallow *Mocha *Maple Syrup *Mushroom *Milk *Muffin *Melon *Meat * Mandarin Oranges Day of the Week = Monday Kirstin

  21. N FoodActions Noodles Nudge Nuggets Nap Nerds Nod Nuts Objects/Familiar Words No Nightgown Now Night Needle Nickelodeon Necklace Nurse Nest Nose Net Numbers Note Newspaper

  22. The Letter “O” Images provided by:

  23. The Letter “O” • Foods • Orange, Onion, Olives, Oatmeal, Omelets • Actions • Oink, Open, Observe, Occupy, Operate • Familiar Objects • Ocean, Oval, Octopus, Owl, Oven

  24. Food: Pizza Pancakes Peas Pumpkin Pie Pasta Action Words: Play Pass Push Poke Pretend Familiar Words: Pig Picture Please Paper Party

  25. Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on Quick Quarter Quesadilla Question Morgan Williams

  26. quail quite quack quiet quaint Qq quarrel quilt queen quart quick Lindsay

  27. R Foods: Rice, Radish, Rutabaga, Ravioli, Rootbeer Actions: Run, Row, Ride, Rip, Race Familiar Objects: Road, Raincoat, Reindeer, Ribbons, Rocket, Racecar, Railroad Picture Mnemonics: R for Rabbit R for Rhino R for Raccoon

  28. Foods Soup Salad Salt Soda Suckers S’s go Sailing! Actions Sit Say Sing Sail Surf Familiar Objects and Words Soap, Sink, Sand, Sea, Sandal, Sock, Summer, Sun, Song

  29. Foods Starting with S: spaghetti sweetarts soup starburst sausage salad steak skittles snacks Other words starting with S: state sorry smile sour sun sweet summer science six surprise star see stairs sports soccer score sky school silly seal story snake spider Actions Starting with S: Skipping sitting standing Miranda Bass

  30. Foodtunatacoteatomatoturkey Actions tap touch trip tip-toe talk tear trick try trade track tune turn tip Objects toy tail teeth truck t-shirt toe tent Tom tub time teacher telephone tent Texas tiger tools test Timmy treat toaster tin town tray tiny ten towel

  31. Toss Foods Tea Taco Taffy Turkey Take Tutor Train Michelle

  32. Unhappy Ugly Unworthy Uneasy Unknowing Utopia Undercover Unity Upset Upside Umbrella Universe Umpire Uranium Unit Uniform Utensil Unicycle UFO Ukulele UncookedUnsaltedUgli Fruit

  33. Uu Under the Umbrella Untie Unwrap Unlock Unpack Unfold Uncover Underline Umpire Unicorn Uncle Utah Ugly Unhappy United Up Upset Ugli fruit Upside down cake Angela

  34. Valentine veranda vacation Veronica Vermont veal verbal vary Venus Vincent vaccine vest

  35. Velveeta V Volcano Vehicle Violin Vacuuming Violet

  36. FOOD Walnuts Watermelon Water Wheat ACTIONS Walk Wash Whistle Work Objects WoodWindowWavesWallWigWorldWinterWok

  37. FOODS • waffle • water • Watermelon • walnuts • ACTIONS • watch • walk • wash • wake up • wiggle • wink • wave • wipe • whisper • write • wobble • whirl DAY: Wednesday DIRECTION: West • ANIMALS • worm • walrus • water buffalo • wolf • whale • wasp • woodpecker • woodchuck • weasel • OBJECTS • watch • wagon • window • wood • wallet • windmill • world • wrinkle STATES: Wyoming, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia Charity


  39. letter X x objects: box, wax, mailbox, sax (saxophone),x-ray (machine), xylophone (musical instrument), foods: six cookies sam mixed the pudding. mom was taxed for apples. actions: dad fixed the car with an ax. the wax fell into the box. we mixed coco in our milk. animals: ox, fox, T-rex (tyrannosaurus rex) words ending in X: index, Tx (Texas) By Melissa Venant

  40. X-Box X-Men Chex Mix • Other “X” Words: • Flex • Next • T-Rex Trix Cereal Fox

  41. yacht yellow yo-yo yes you young Y yawn yell yield yard yarn year yogurt Kristie

  42. Yarn Yak Yogurt Yy Yo-Yo Yet Young Yummy You Yacht Yodel Yelp Yip Year Yard Yell Yap Yank Yammer Yesterday Yellow Yen Yeast Yes Yogi Bear Yank Yawn

  43. Z Zebra Zigzag Zipper Zucchini Zoo Zap Heather