new jersey the garden state or the armpit of america n.
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New Jersey: The Garden State or the Armpit of America? PowerPoint Presentation
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New Jersey: The Garden State or the Armpit of America?

New Jersey: The Garden State or the Armpit of America?

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New Jersey: The Garden State or the Armpit of America?

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  1. New Jersey: The Garden State or the Armpit of America? Heather Bazarnicki Alexandra Hudes Dan Silvestro Jacqueline DiColo (4:25)

  2. Health • The population has grown 330% since 1900 • State has several public programs to provide health care to poor • New Jersey is ranked high in the nation for: • AIDS cases • Alzheimer’s cases • Cancer • Tuberculosis

  3. Industry • Early Industries in New Jersey • Paterson – cotton and silk • Newark – breweries, hat factories, paper plants • Trenton – iron and paper • Jersey City – steel and soap • Middlesex – clay and ceramics • Bayonne – oil refineries

  4. Pollution • Environmental concerns emerged in the 1960’s • National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 • Passed by Nixon’s administration • First Earth Day was in 1970 • The Clean Air Act

  5. Welcome To Jersey!

  6. Key Concepts 1. Between two cities- Neighboring cities like New York and Philadelphia contribute to the high pollution rates in New Jersey. 2. New Jersey’s landscape New Jersey is composed of various landscapes from vast farmlands to industrial cities. 3. Health in the Garden State- New Jersey is one of the healthiest states, despite its population. 4. People, people, and more people New Jersey has the highest population density in the United States. 5. Where the negative nicknames come from- New Jersey has one of the highest pollution rates in the US.

  7. More Key Concepts! 6. Industry and Pollution Industries contribute greatly to the high pollution in the state. 7. New Jersey in the Corporate World Many industries have branches of their company in New Jersey making it a very industrial region. 8. Environmental Efforts Currently Environment New Jersey supports legislation that limits global warming pollution, has incentives for fuel efficient car purchases, and standards for energy saving tires. 9. Public Health New Jersey has several public programs to help the needy with healthcare 10. Agriculture in New Jersey Despite being 1/3 developed New Jersey is still one of the leading states in agricultural income per acre.

  8. Learning Objectives • Explain how New York and Philadelphia affect New Jersey’s high pollution. • Describe efforts to clean up the state by legislative means etc. • Analyze the public health programs that the New Jersey government sponsors. • Describe different landscapes in New Jersey • Compare and contrast farming versus industrial regions.

  9. Key Questions • How do New York City and Philadelphia affect New Jersey’s high pollution? • In what ways have efforts been made to reduce pollution in New Jersey? • How do industries affect the health and pollution of New Jersey? • What are the similarities and differences in the farming and industrial regions in New Jersey • What efforts has the New Jersey government made in order to keep the population healthy?

  10. Resources • • A series of reports spanning three centuries on the overall health within New Jersey • • Shows New Jersey’s rankings amongst the other states regarding different health risks • • Website for teachers to use for lesson plans and includes video clips about New Jersey. • • Website for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection • • This website monitors daily air pollution levels in New Jersey

  11. Activity • Kindergarten through 3rd grade: • Develop New Nicknames for New Jersey and present why. • 4th Grade through 8th grade: • Write a letter to a legislator about how to improve the state of the environment in New Jersey • 9th grade through 12th grade: • Debate whether or not New Jersey should be considered the Garden State or the Armpit of America based on the industry, health, and pollution in the state.

  12. Connections to Prior Units in U.S. History • Unit 2 – Industrialization • Unit 4 – Urbanization • Unit 12 – The Environmental Concerns

  13. Regional Connections • Water and air are shared with other states in the region • Commuter State – affected by car emissions

  14. National Connections • Most legislation regarding the environment and industry regulations are national and enforced by the states • Clean Air Interstate Rule of 2005

  15. Global Connections • Pollution is the leading cause of global warming • New Jersey industry affects the global economy

  16. Why Is It Important to Teach? • Teaching standard that every grade must learn about New Jersey • Industries and pollution in New Jersey also affect other states

  17. Why Is It Important To Students? • Health issues affect them, their friends and family. • Important people in their lives may work in New Jersey’s industries • The state of the environment will affect their future