waiting for the explosion of multilingual web n.
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Waiting for the explosion of Multilingual Web PowerPoint Presentation
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Waiting for the explosion of Multilingual Web

Waiting for the explosion of Multilingual Web

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Waiting for the explosion of Multilingual Web

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  1. Waiting for the explosion of Multilingual Web Anil Kumar R Senior VP,Cybermedia India Online Ltd. (CIOL), Bangalore, India

  2. Agenda • About CyberMedia India Online • Internet market in India • Multilingual Web

  3. CyberMedia (India) Ltd Jan, 2008

  4. CyberMedia reaches out to a community of over 1.5 million through 15 publications, 12 websites, 100+ events and weekly TV programs • The largest specialty media house in South Asia and amongst India's top five magazine publishers • Its brands lead various domains - infotech (Dataquest, PCQuest,, outsourcing (Global Services), telecom (Voice&Data), consumer electronics (Living Digital), biotech (BioSpectrum), entrepreneurship (Dare) and legal (Halsbury) • Its media services include market research (IDC India), job board, content outsourcing and distribution • CyberMedia is the first media company in India to launch international products

  5. CyberMedia Media Media Services Engagements Engagements Publishing, Online, KPO, Research Events, and Television Domains Domains IT, Telecom, Electronics, Biotech, IT, telecom, Outsourcing, Software & job Board Outsourcing and Entrepreneurship Brands Brands DataQuest, DQ Week, DQ Channels, PCQuest, CIOL, IDC, PubServ Global Services, Halsbury’s law Monthly,, Living Digital, DARE, Voice&Data, Voice&Data Connect, BioSpectrum, BioSpectrum Asia, CyberMedia TV & CyberMedia Events

  6. Cyber Media (India): International Acquisitions Acquired Publication Services, Inc., USA. The company provides outsourcing services to a broad spectrum of publishing companies in the U.S., and is today seamlessly integrated with the outsourcing workflows and processes of CyberMedia Services Acquired 20% stake in SX2 Media Labs, LLC, USA. The company owns three prominent U.S. publications - Computer Shopper, College Buying Guide, and Digital Living

  7. Alliances with Global Leaders JV with CMP for Global Services to address the fast growing BPO industry IDC USA (one of the largest global research organizations in the technology space): CyberMedia has an exclusive brand licensing agreement with IDC, USA, for India for Market research LexisNexis is a leading provider of information and services solutions to a wide range of professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, law enforcement. LexisNexis serves customers in 100 countries with 13,000 employees worldwide 

  8. Top Languages • Tip of the Iceberg

  9. Internet market in India • In India, Web is catching up • Net usage has grown from about 5 million users in 2000 to over 60 million users • This is exploding by a whopping 1000% and more! • Yet, even at this rate of growth Net penetration is merely 5.3%, according to Internet World Stats

  10. Internet market in India • There is immense scope and potential for Web in India • A diverse and multilingual country like ours needs local language content • Some steps taken -- in public sphere thanks to C-DAC; in private – • Credit/debit cards usage have further made the India web market a vibrant one

  11. Multilingual Web • Clear indication that Web is becoming multilingual • Alexa Top 100 sites – several are in other languages • – in France • – in China • -- in Japan • These are some examples… • Yahoo and Google are available in multiple languages… The days of searching only in English is behind us!

  12. Multilingual Web • Some popular sites in other languages •;; (China social networking site); (in Poland);;; and so on… • Search engines and social networking are hot! • Bloggers able to blog in local languages Lot of choices for local languages to prosper!

  13. Multilingual Web • In India, we have as an example • allows search in multiple local languages like Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati • “China has become a big Internet economy because of content availability and accessibility in local language. If India were to grow at the same rate, we need more focus on vernacular. It's only then we would have truly empowered the Indian consumers.” • CEO of India’s leading search engine company

  14. Multilingual Web • Consider these stats… • Over 500 million people speak Hindi in India and abroad • Total number of people who understand the language is estimated to be over 800 million • Over 200 million people in India gaze at Hindi language as their mother tongue and over 300 million use it as a second language • Several national newspapers have Hindi editions; example, Dainik Jaagran ( is a boon for Hindi-speaking people!

  15. Multilingual Web • Some more examples from India • – Search Internet in Tamil • – Telugu search engine • – Search in Kannada • – Search in Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi • – Search in Kannada Hindi/English • – Send emails in Punjabi

  16. Multilingual Web • Design a common denominator • Loads easily • Pleasing look and feel • Ease of use • Navigation • Web presents a huge opportunity for designers • It will be an enabler of huge talent pool of designers • Designers/artists get trained to use Web-based tools

  17. Multilingual Web • WIF 2008 – great platform for tapping global design talent pool • Global teams – multilingual sites; great designs • India a leading talent pool of Web developers and designers; some teams are here as well! Make use of the India opportunity! And the multilingual Web

  18. Thanks