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CD-DVD Loaders

PrimeArray CD/DVD servers are “Virtual” Jukeboxes – Much Faster and More Flexible than Actual Jukeboxes.Contact Us:PrimeArray Systems, Inc. 48 Maple St, Lowell, Massachusetts 01852,USA,Phone: 978-455-9488,Fax: 978-455-8653, Email:info@primearray.com,Web:www.primearray.com

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CD-DVD Loaders

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  1. Simplify your workplace data sharing with PrimeArray CD/DVD Loaders and Towers

  2. Contents: • CD / DVD Loaders & Towers • Maxtet SCSI Tower • Jukeboxes • Contact

  3. CD/DVD Loaders & Towers Maxtet: CD DVD Tower Disc Loader Maxtet SCSI-Attached CD/DVD Loaders Load up to 12 CD/DVDs and Provide Direct Data Access The PrimeArray Maxtet is the simplest way to load and share CD/DVDs into a server, staging area or individual work station. CD/DVD loaders save you time and money by simplifying the management of your CD/DVDs.

  4. Would having multiple optical CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drivers in this SCSI tower make your job easier? PrimeArray customers have used Maxtet towers for: • Quality assurance testing of software discs • Loading many discs into a CD or DVD server or staging area • Providing direct access to CDs or DVDs • Making multiple discs available to a server application, such as converting CD data format to a new format and saving it.

  5. What Exactly is a CD or DVD Jukebox? PrimeArray CD/DVD servers are “Virtual” Jukeboxes – Much Faster and More Flexible than Actual Jukeboxes Virtual jukeboxes are the best way to host CD and DVD resources for users to share over your network.

  6. With a network CD/DVD jukebox you get... • The fastest possible access to your CD/DVD data over the network – speed that puts jukeboxes to shame. • Simultaneous access for multiple users – no waiting In line. • Access to may discs at a time – for more than you could fit into a jukebox. • Capacity sized to your needs, from 1 to 4,000 discs. • Enhanced reliability because there are fewer moving parts – unlike a jukebox, which has many moving parts that can break down.

  7. CD/DVD Servers Deliver Improved Performance and Value Compared to a Jukebox for Sharing CD/DVD Content Over a Network. Do you have CD-ROM or DVD-ROM discs with material that you want to share with users over your network? They could be software programs, computer based training, or subscription updates.

  8. PrimeArray Systems, Inc. For detail product demonstration, contact 48 Maple St, Lowell, Massachusetts 01852, USA Phone: 978-455-9488 Fax: 978-455-8653 info@primearray.com www.primearray.com

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