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Hiring a General Manager for IntegratedFinancial.com LLC

We are hiring a General Manager for IntegratedFinancial.com LLC. Its mission is to help businesses with planning, consulting, and financing. It will bring high level financial services, including business consulting, mergers and acquisitions assistance as buyer or seller, and a variety of financing opportunities. Visit www.ProHR.com. For more details: http://bit.ly/YcxgEB LIKE US: http://www.facebook.com/ProhrcomLlc FOLLOW US: https://twitter.com/ProHRLLC

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Hiring a General Manager for IntegratedFinancial.com LLC

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  1. General Manager forIntegratedFinancial.com LLC • (PhilippinesOnly) • Toapply forthis position,sendyour resume (attachedfile)toCareers (at) ProHR(dotcom).The filenameofyour resume shouldindicateyour fullname.Donot forgettoindicateonthe EmailSubject Line,the positionandcompany youareapplyingfor. Please include at least2 references(previous supervisoror client)with their contact information for your backgroundcheck. • COMPANY OVERVIEW • ThemissionofIntegratedFinancial.comLLC istohelpbusinesseswith planning, consulting, and financing. It will bringhighlevelfinancialservices,includingbusinessconsulting,mergers and acquisitions assistance as buyeror seller, andavarietyoffinancingopportunities.It will alsoofferdetailed analyticsof internet, telecom, socialmedia, new businesslicensing,tax advice,andoperational reviews,amongother items. • IntegratedFinancial.comwillalsocontrol andmanageProHR.com. Thisdivisionwill handle recruitment andemployeemanagement fortheclientsof IntegratedFinancial.com. • We have numerousotherpast successfulcorporationsandcharitiesillustratingour skills,whichyoucan reviewathttp://www.mikemann.com/successes. • JOB DESCRIPTION • The GeneralManagerwilluseIntegratedFinancial.comLLC’sBusinessModel asa guide inbuildingand managingthecompany. Hewill alsomake useofthe best practicesfoundinMikeMann’s • bookhttp://www.MakeMillions.comandthe bestpracticesfound • in http://www.BestPracticesGuide.com. As aGeneralManager,youwillkeep inmindthe2013 Business Modelforall the companies under MikeMann, whichincludesIntegratedFinancial.comLLC. • As the GeneralManageryouwill be interactingwith peoplefromdifferent levels;fromthe business’decisionmaker, decisioninfluencer, down tothe business’staff.Aside fromhelpingexistingbusinesses, youwill alsohelpout inbuildingnew businesses forclients. Your credibility,expertise,interpersonal skills, andtechnicalknowledge will bevery usefulin your daytodaytransactions. • QUALIFICATIONS • Mustbea CPA andlocatedinthePhilippines(thisisaworkfromhome position). • Advanced financialanalysisskills • Experience forecasting,modeling, analyzing, andadvisingonbusinessoperations • Minimumof3 yearsmanagement experience • Musthave superiorPSDM(problemsolvinganddecisionmaking) skills andconflictmanagement abilities. • Detailoriented andorganized, withexceptional prioritizationskills. • Excellent writtenandverbal communicationskills(English andvernacular). • Technologicallyadeptandhas theinitiativetolearnnew skills. • Is a teamplayerandconfident. • Have read andunderstoodthe contents • of http://www.MakeMillions.comandhttp://www.BestPracticesGuide.com • IntegratedFinancial.comLLC is founded byMikeMann, a socialentrepreneur. • MikeMannisthe founderandchairmanof Grassroots.orga global network thatprovidesfree services tonon-profitsandpromotessocialaction.

  2. Mikeis alsothe founder ofseveral successful, active,for-profitcorporations.Threeof thesecorporationswerelistedamongthe“2012 INC500 FastestGrowingCompanies inAmerica”,includingPhone.comInc,DomainMarket.comLLC, andSEO.comLLC. Inmanycaseshis companies exchange resources,talent andtechnologies in theirnever-endingquest todeliver innovative,profitable digital productsandservices. Getthe LATESTupdateson:

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