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Risks of Manual Lifting - Why Lifting Equipment Must Be Used

Using lifting equipment will reduce the risks of manual labour. Learn here what those risks are and how you can avoid them by implementing the quality material handling equipment in your workplaces.

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Risks of Manual Lifting - Why Lifting Equipment Must Be Used

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  2. Lifting equipment is strongly recommended to use not only in Australia but the entire worldwide, mainly to avoid the risks of manual labour. According to several surveys, the rate of manual labour is still high. If you are thinking about what kinds of risks are involved with manual lifting, here are a few points to enlighten you: • WORKERS DEVELOP CERTAIN SKELETAL DISORDERS Some of the examples of manual lifting in construction are scaffolding, bricklaying, etc. Repeated activities like these will cause workers to develop musculoskeletal disorders, like for instance, severe back pain. It's also been said that most of the workers are suffering from work-related health issues. Hence, to ensure the safety and health of your employees, it's wise to start the equipment that automates the manual tasks.

  3. • LIFTING HEAVY LOADS REPEATEDLY CAUSE MUSCLE WEAKNESS Continuous lifting of the heavy loads (from small to large) causes severe muscle tensions in workers. This causes abnormal shaking, shivering in the hands and legs. It results in the imbalance in the postures of the worker's body, which results in slipping or other kinds of accidents. To avoid this, you have to think about various lifting and equipment in your workplace. material handling

  4. • HIGH CHANCE OF ACCIDENTS IF WORKERS ARE INEXPERIENCED When you hire workers, see that they are well- experienced in the field or have the stamina to endure the long working hours in diverse weather conditions. If this is not the case, then the work progress will be halted due to the delay in working. This simple solution is to use the equipment for lifting and for other purposes. • ALSO DEPENDS ON THE KIND OF WORK ENVIRONMENT If your work environment is not spacious or has uneven floors, then your workers are prone to accidents. Due to slippery surfaces and also because unsuitable temperatures, workers feel uncomfortable and feel tired easily. Eventually, the productivity is slowed down. To avoid this situation, it's mandatory for you to think of other alternatives.

  5. RELIABLE LIFTING EQUIPMENT SOLVES ALL THESE PROBLEMS Replacing repeated manual activities with the lifting equipment will give you high-yielding results. To have such equipment from an efficient company, Probst can provide you with all the equipment solutions. We take pride in providing handling systems for construction and landscaping materials. We also ensure that your workers can handle this equipment safely. All our products are designed to give maximum functionality and safety. Whether you have a civil engineering work or construction, our material handling and will come sure in handy. To look at our range of products, visit our website or for more information, call us today. lifting equipment

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