techniques used to inspect lifting equipment n.
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Techniques Used to Inspect Lifting Equipment! PowerPoint Presentation
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Techniques Used to Inspect Lifting Equipment!

Techniques Used to Inspect Lifting Equipment!

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Techniques Used to Inspect Lifting Equipment!

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  1. Techniques Used to Inspect Lifting Equipment! A series of tests are performed on lifting equipment when their inspection is carried out by inspection service providers like Dutest. Dutest is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality lifting equipment and along with this is a provider of reliable third party inspection. These tests are carried out on equipment like cranes, passenger lifts and escalators, goods lifts, fork lift trucks, lifting structures, anchorage points, lifting beams etc. Along with affordable services such as bolt torque checks Dutest also provides proof load and initial testing if and when required. Among the various companies providing lifting equipment inspection in UAE, Dutest is a foremost option to opt for as they are reliable, efficient, and affordable. All these services related to inspection can be availed at their own premises or remotely if required. Under their inspection procedure they cover a wide range of equipment like chain blocks, lever hoists, load cells, safety harness, eye bolts, beam clamps, trolleys, plate clamps, magnets etc. Techniques used for inspection of lifting equipment: Dye Penetrant Testing: It detects surface flaws with the help of chemical ink and developer and is mainly used for the inspection of non-ferrous materials and profiled surfaces. Magnetic Particle Testing: Often used in proof load and overload testing of equipment made of ferrous materials. It detects flaws and cracks in welds and requires the removal of surface preparation on the inspection zone. Eddy Current Testing: In this technique that is similar to DY and MPI no surface preparation is to be removed for the inspection to be undertaken. This helps you to prevent the warranty on coatings during the inspection of the welds.

  2. Thickness Gauging: This technique is used to measure internal corrosion from outside. It is highly adaptable on equipment like as pressure cylinders, tanks and pipe work, and many more. There is no need to open the equipment for checking the flaw, and the outer coating also remains safe. Welding Inspection: Weld is fusion of metals. Welding inspection needs to be carried out by certified inspecting personnel. Dutest provides engineers that are highly trained, experienced, qualified, and certified in carrying the inspection procedure properly. Load Testing: It is normally done to inspect the cranes and lifting gears inspection. In this testing a suitable load is applied to the equipment being tested to determine and establish its integrity. Tirak / Minifor Services: Dutest is a leading authorized organization in UAE for the inspection of such machineries that are rope hoists manufactured by Tractel France. For more information on lifting equipment inspection contact Dutest, a name among the leading inspection companies in UAE that has experience of decades. Dutest Industrial Email Id : Phone No. : +971 4 806 7700 Address : Dutest Industrial Est., P.O. Box 5389, Dubai, UAE