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expanding brand awareness with custom promotional products PowerPoint Presentation
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expanding brand awareness with custom promotional products

expanding brand awareness with custom promotional products

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expanding brand awareness with custom promotional products

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  1. Discovering an Architecture Firm in Washington DC which Includes Skilled Hospital ArchitectsYour choice of an Architecture Firm in Washington, DC runs the gamut of small one man shops to impressive teams of architects. When considering building large projects like hospitals, schools, churches, and office buildings do you want to trust your project to a single person?The Power of Architecture TeamworkWhen you work with a small architecture firm you face one significant problem. You may discover at the moment you have come up with a new idea, or uncover a problem, they are not available for hours or sometimes days. Your architect may be involved in many projects and cannot dedicate his attention to your project. When you work with a team of architects and their support personnel who have been assigned to your project the experience is very different. Even if the lead architect is away for a few days other team members are ready to answer your questions and solve the problems immediately.The Unique Problems of Medical FacilitiesWhile every architectural project has unique requirements medical facilities increase the complexity. The massive amounts of rules, regulations, and red tape associated with these projects can have your head spinning. When you are starting the design of a new medical office, hospital wing, or even an entire hospital facility it is reassuring to have specialized Hospital Architects taking on your project.Hospital architects have studied all of the material requirements, the regulations, and understand systems must be designed to eliminate dust and bacteria transfer. Their specialized knowledge is not something an architect can pick up overnight. It takes experience to understand all the implications of making minor changes in system designs.

  2. An Interesting Architectural TeamWhile researching for an Architectural Firm, Washington DC area, you may uncover one very unique company. It is a company who believes in the team approach and has designed their entire firm around the idea. They have over 60 architects and designers they separate into 5 distinct studios. When they start projects they assign a team to take care of the job and the entire team sees the project through to completion. You always have someone ready to answer your questions and solve problems.What is even more impressive is their wide variety of specialties. Their firm has hospital architects, interior architects, architects specializing in building modernization, capital improvements, and almost any building type you can imagine. The architects are teamed with design experts to create structures which are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. One item they noted on their website was very interesting. They are the only architectural firm in Washington DC who has bought their own building during the last 10 years. It sounds like a very strange situation. Why are other firms leasing or renting buildings instead of moving into their own headquarters?Architecture Firms are Not a Dime a DozenDo not make the mistake of believing all architectural firms can get the job done. While most firms can deliver a building, few can deliver an experience to remember. Choose your Architecture Firm Washington DC to create a building you will love for a lifetime and give you a fun experience during the entire design and building project.