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Creating Brand Awareness with Promotional Products PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating Brand Awareness with Promotional Products

Creating Brand Awareness with Promotional Products

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Creating Brand Awareness with Promotional Products

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  1. Creating Brand Awareness with Customized Promotional Products APDPROMOTIONS.COM.AU

  2. What are Customized Promotional Products ??? • Customized Promotional Products are those marketing merchandise that are commonly imprinted with comapany's name, logo or slogan in order to create brand awareness in the market. • Mostly, these products are distributed in trade shows, campaigns, sports event, or given as corporate gifts.

  3. Need Of Promo Products - • Ever since business and trade came into existence, there has always been need of promoting products. In good old days, promotion is nothing but word of mouth for any business in market and people usually go by what their friends told them. • With advent of Internet and E-Commerce, business grew and so is competition. Hence, new ways came into existence and Promotioanl products were one of them. • Today, promotional products share very good part of market and immensely helps in creating brand awareness.

  4. Factors Affecting Choice For Best Promotional Products • Selecting any one randomly is not helpful, you have to be very careful while selecting your advertising giveaway. • Factors: • What is nature of business? • What is target audience? • What are the challenges business owner is expecting? • What are his added advantages for business as compare to his competitors? • What is your budget?

  5. Product Gallery – Pick Your Best Choice For Promotional Items

  6. Popular Promotional Items For Your Business

  7. How APD Promotions Can Help You In Business Branding ? • Innovative Ideas which compliment the ideology and the image of the brand. • APD helps the companies with the logistics and time management • Personalize the product in a way that it creates maximum impact • Customize the product with branding containing the company logo and name, thus creating a perfect blend of innovation with promotion using - printing, etching, embossing and embroidering. • You name the Industry and we suggest you the optimal promotional product.

  8. Lets Summarize... Promotional Products not only increase your brand value but also keep your business ahead of your competitors. Beware wrong choice of promotional product can affect your business adversely.

  9. APD PROMOTIONS Contact Us APD PROMOTIONS PTY LTD, Level 26, 44 Market Street Sydney - 2000 , NSW, Australia Email Tel. No: +61 280113333 / 2 95404554 Website:

  10. Thanks for Your Precious Time