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Baggage Safety - online travel insurance PowerPoint Presentation
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Baggage Safety - online travel insurance

Baggage Safety - online travel insurance

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Baggage Safety - online travel insurance

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  1. Learning on the Go! Powered by Baggage Safety Secure your luggage for a worry-free trip!

  2. Select the Right Kind of Baggage • If possible, travel with only carry-on luggage. • Ensure that your luggage is not too large to fit into the overhead compartment • Carry a smaller bag for valuable electronics like laptops

  3. Identify Your Baggage • Customise your bags to distinguish them from other passengers’ luggage • Ensure that the airline tags on your luggage are for the correct destination • While purchasing bags and suitcases for your trip, look out for distinctive designs which will make it easy for you to recognise it on the conveyor belt.

  4. Take Precautions Despite your best efforts, your luggage may be lost or stolen. It’s imperative to report the loss as soon as you know of it, but take some additional precautions, too. • Put a copy of your itinerary, plus contact information inside and outside every bag you’re carrying. • Keep the stub from your checked luggage to make tracking your bags easier • Pack some essentials in your carry-on bags, to tide you over till your main luggage is found

  5. Pack Carefully The contents of your bag can cause as much damage as outside forces. Avoid damage by packing sensibly. • Be careful about liquid or gaseous packages – changes in temperature can cause the package to split or leak, destroying other items in your bag • Do not pack inflammables like matches or lighter in your check-in bag – fires can break out due to friction caused by the bag being moved around. • Encrypt all the data in your laptop with passwords, or else put everything in a storage device such as a DVD, USB or External Hard Drive.

  6. Learning on the Go! Powered by Thank You Secure your luggage for a worry-free trip!

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