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Water Guard High Efficiency Water Treatment Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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Water Guard High Efficiency Water Treatment Systems

Water Guard High Efficiency Water Treatment Systems

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Water Guard High Efficiency Water Treatment Systems

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  1. Top 9 Toxins In Your Water Water is the necessary part of life. It is used in so many different ways and does not have any alternative. Pure water is the source of your health while toxic water is the reverse. The toxins present in your household water can have so many negative effects on your body. You might not even know about the presence of those toxins and their treatment. Water guard high-efficiency water softener treatment systems are specially made for this matter. You have to treat your water for so many unknown and undiscovered toxins before it becomes usable and drinkable. Below is a list of all the major toxins which are present in water, and which have to be treated before using the water: 1. Fluoride While fluorine is considered to be a very essential part of healthy teeth, scientists believe otherwise. Fluorine present in drinking water can cause fluorosis. It can cause organ damages and affect your nervous system. It can affect bones as well. Fluoride present in drinking water can damage your thyroid gland as well.

  2. 2. Chlorine Chlorine has disinfecting properties and is also used in cleaning pools. It is used in the sanitation of industrial waste as well. Interestingly, it is added in water to kill bacteria. The areas which have a high level of chlorine in water have increased chances of cancer, asthma and memory loss. Hence, it is not safe to drink water that has chlorine in it. 3. Arsenic This is a carcinogen which is present in our household supply of water. it can lead to cancer and cardiovascular diseases. This is known to affect younger children and infants, as it damages their neurological health. Arsenic can also lead to lungs and skin cancer in the long run. 4. PCBs Polychlorinated Biphenyls are chemicals. They are used for industrial purposes which involve insulation, oil, and paints. They have adverse effects on the reproductive system. That is why water guard high efficiency water treatment systems thoroughly examine the water for such toxins. 5. Lead Lead is commonly present in tap water and it has various negative effects on the human brain. It can damage the nervous system. It can affect the development process of a healthy human body and can even cause deafness. 6. Mercury This toxic chemical can enter your water supply easily through factories’ discharge. It is very dangerous and can cause brain damages. It can cause blindness, memory loss and skin issues. 7. Dacthal It is basically an herbicide which can find its way to your water supply through contaminated soil. It can cause kidney problems and seriously affect thyroid, spleen, and liver as well. 8. Pesticides They are extremely toxic elements in your household supply of water. they can cause eye damages, skin problems and various types of cancers. Especially children are vulnerable to pesticides in water. 9. Herbicides Herbicides can enter your water supply through contaminated soil and leaks. They can enter when rainfall washes away the herbicides from farms and crops. They can disturb and damage the hormonal activity of your body and can also affect your reproductive system.