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6 Misconception on Selling on Amazon

There are many misconceptions about Selling on Amazon. Amazon gives you many services that you can use to effectively increase more sales on Amazon like Amazon FBA, Amazon Sponsored Ads, etc. SaleOnline.ai has busted all the misconception about Amazon Selling. Read more about it at https://saleonline.ai

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6 Misconception on Selling on Amazon

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  1. 6 Misconception on Selling on Amazon Amazon is the biggest online platform for the retail companies and their customers. In 1995 Amazon started as an online bookstore and now it has evolved into something much, much bigger. Amazon is currently the biggest online selling platform in the world with around 310 million active customers using Amazon and its services like Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon, Amazon Sponsored Products Ads and many more. With any successful business, myths are only to be expected. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about Selling on Amazon which may have kept people away from becoming an Amazon Seller. But you have to know that Selling Online on Amazon is the easiest, the most convenient and an inexpensive way of starting a business online. Following are 6 most common misconceptions that have to be dispelled. Myth 1: Amazon is a Crowded Place - A new Seller Cannot Stand Out Now. There are over 2 million Sellers on Amazon from around the world, hence this myth may have led other sellers to stop entering in Amazon. Amazon is such a place where anyone from anywhere can enter and start selling. There are many successful sellers on Amazon you have to compete with. Remember that every successful seller started out as new, hence every new Amazon Seller has the same chance to stand out like old ones if they are serious about their business. Amazon has a high number of sellers but also have a much higher number of products to sell. Amazon has more than 200 million products listed with them. Also, there are daily buyers on Amazon to buy products online. Hence, it seems Amazon is not slowing down, so the number for sellers and buyers is only going to

  2. increase in the next coming years. So new Sellers has to let go this myth and start selling on Amazon with no fear. Myth 2: Only New And Unique Products Give More Sell Buyer love to buy new and unique products. But this does not mean only those products give more sell. There are a numerous number of same category products on Amazon. And this does not stop Amazon Sellers to sell their product on Amazon platform. There are many things an Amazon Seller can do to make his product shine in the crowd. If you have genuine and high-quality products you will get good numbers of customers. All you should concern yourself with is market research and focusing on creating a remarkable buying experience for your customers. Myth 3: Selling On Amazon is Difficult This misconception is one of the greatest myth in Amazon marketplace because the opposite is true for many Amazon Sellers. Amazon's virtual marketplace is the safest, easiest places to do retail business. Amazon has made online selling quite simple. The Fulfillment by Amazon program has taken off a huge load from sellers to complete the process. At an economical price, you get all services done by Amazon such as shipping and call answering. You just have to follow the rules related to product listing and you are all ready to sell your product on one of the biggest platforms of online selling. Amazon gets a huge amount of traffic daily and we get to share this platform as an Amazon Seller to sell our products without many efforts. Apart from this, there are many Amazon Tools that can be used to automate Amazon product listings. With minimal registration amount, you can easily handle your Amazon account and get good sales. Hence, don’t believe in this misconception that selling on Amazon is difficult. Myth 4: Only Listing The Product On Amazon Gives You Sale Achieving success on Amazon requires some good effort. You can not simply list your product, write a product description, and then the sales will start pouring in. Before starting to sell on Amazon you need to know the basics of marketing and optimization. You'll need to spend some time researching what steps you need to take to make your product reach the customer. You need to optimize your product listing with correct keywords included in your title and description. You need to make a marketing strategy to promote your products like you can run PPC campaigns on Amazon to get your product listed on top. There are Amazon Advertising Tools which help to optimize Ads so you do not have to learn extra for that. Also, you can share your product details on Social Media channels to get your followers to know about the products. Hence there are many different ways you can use to increase Amazon Sales. Myth 5: The Products Should Have Only 5-star Reviews Product reviews are a major reason why buyers love Amazon. On Amazon, you can get reviews on each product about the quality of the product or about some issues or complaints. And reading this reviews buyers decide to purchase the product or not. Nearly 70% of global consumers trust online reviews, hence getting legitimate product reviews is important for any Amazon Seller.

  3. But there is a myth that the products you are selling should have only 5-star reviews but by the way is totally wrong. Buyers on Amazon care much more about the number of reviews for the product rather than the overall rating. So focus on getting more and more good reviews for your products. Try to contact your buyers to write a review for the product they purchased. Remember, if a product has all 5 stars reviews, consumers may think the product it’s too good to be true. So the myth about the 5-star review is also not true and has to be diminished. Myth 6: Selling On Amazon Needs Huge Investment Selling on Amazon needs huge investment is also one of the biggest myth about Amazon. But on the contrary, setting up an online business on Amazon is much easier than you can imagine. You need to have your products and valid documentation in place and then it is just a matter of creating an account and listing the products to go live on Amazon. Amazon is a simple and cost-effective way to take your business online. You need to spend some money on promoting your product or giving offers but you pretty much get more outcome from the actual spend you make. Hence with less investment, you can get a great ROI for your business. Conclusion There are many misconceptions about Selling on Amazon. Hopefully, now that some of these myths have been busted you can tell the difference between the good and bad advice and start focusing on the things that will make much more effect on your Amazon sales. Amazon gives you many services that you can use to effectively increase more sales on Amazon. One of them is Advertising on Amazon, this service gives you a very good opportunity to let you reach and engage buyers at every stage of your journey. SaleOnline.ai, a leading Amazon PPC Management Software is everything you need to maximize your Amazon success by Advertising. SaleOnline.ai helps you to automate your Amazon Ads. It is the one-stop software where all type of businesses that sell on Amazon can easily automate, manage and optimize Amazon ads. It helps you reach out to a large customer base and grow your Amazon business. Go ahead and Sign Up for a Free Trial with SaleOnline.ai and begin your online selling journey today.

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