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Wedding Invitation card Designs 2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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Wedding Invitation card Designs 2015

Wedding Invitation card Designs 2015

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Wedding Invitation card Designs 2015

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  1. A LOOK AT TOP 7 WEDDING INVITATION CARD DESIGNS 2015 So, now that your wedding date has been finalized, and you and your family are all set to the preparations for the wedding; the first thing that comes to your mind is designing a unique and innovative wedding card.

  2. Most couples have some or the other theme in mind, as to how their wedding card would look like. However, if you are a tad confused, then you can read through to get some idea of the trending exclusive wedding cardsdesign. 1. Dual color theme: A wedding invitation card can be made colorful and charming by printing it in two contrasting colors. You can use a single color on each side, thus creating a unique vision for the onlooker. Keep the content that needs to be written in the invitation card simple and readable.

  3. 2. Animations: If you wish to come up with an innovative concept for wedding card designs, then you can hire an animation professional and create a cartoon character of you and your husband. Design a story about how you both met, and how he proposed you. At the end of the animation, you can mention the wedding date and day. 3. 3D Designs: In today’s world, where most things are created in a 3D version, why not try your hands at creating a 3D invitation card. You can create a couple dressed in wedding attire, giving the message of their marriage to the world. Come up with creative concepts, and make sure you mesmerize your guests by this innovative idea.

  4. 4. Detailing On Border & Designs: If simple wedding invitation cards design is on your mind, then this concept might be perfect for you. You can focus on intricate embellishments and borders, keeping the rest of the card simple. The font can be chosen to suit the design. Let the colors used for the invitation card be pastel in nature.

  5. 5. Laser Cut Wedding Invitation Cards Simple and exclusive, are how laser cut wedding invitation cards look like. The intricate design on the cover will make them look elegant and stylish. These invitation cards are worth every effort and penny you put in. 6. Sparkling Invitation Cards: If you wish to make it more glamorous and shiny, then a sparkling invitation card might do justice to your concept. Add that extra oomph to your wedding invitation card by jazzing it up with sparkles.

  6. 7. Wedding Scroll: The scroll wedding invitation cards comes up a as a classy choice for royal and fairly tale theme wedding. In the bygone era, emperor and kings used it for inviting dignitaries and others guests for royal functions. The wedding scroll still holds that regal charm. Go for scroll that matches with your wedding theme and send it to guests with a box of dry fruits.

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