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5 interesting Wedding Invitation Card Designs PowerPoint Presentation
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5 interesting Wedding Invitation Card Designs

5 interesting Wedding Invitation Card Designs

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5 interesting Wedding Invitation Card Designs

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  1. 5 Interesting ideas for wedding invitation card designs

  2. So, now that both the families have approved for your marriage, the next step is to let the world know about your lovely unification. After deciding the date and venue for marriage, designing a unique and attractive wedding invitation card is a must. Traditional and ethnic themes with shining motifs, and intricately designed borders are commonly found elements in a wedding invitation card. However, the trend these days is to design a card that is out-of-the-box and goes perfectly well with the theme of the wedding.

  3. 1. Caricature design: Customize your invitation card by drawing a caricature of the couple. Make it as colorful as possible, with the wedding plan mentioned in details. For e.g. – for the sangeet ceremony you can either get a caricature of a lady dancing or musical instruments. Come up with innovative designs that will best describe the events using caricature drawings. 2. Boarding pass: Let the world know that you both are ready to board the flight called ‘marriage’. Design the scroll cards invitation in the shape and pattern of a boarding pass. Let the content in the card be precise, short and simple. The locations on the boarding pass will your wedding venue, so the guests would know where they would be flying (travelling) to.

  4. 3. Make it front page news: After all your marriage is worth a front page news in a newspaper, isn’t it? Design the card as a layout of a newspaper, with the couple’s photo in large size and the details of the wedding written in a style of a news report. In addition, if you want to fill in the rest of the page, you can do it either with your photos, or with details of the couple and their families. If you have a wedding theme, then you can also mention the details of the theme and what is expected from the guests, for instance, the dress code etc.

  5. 4: Wedding Scroll: There is magic and mystery as you slowly unfold the scroll, it comes up as evergreen choice for wedding. Choose a wedding invitation scroll cardsthat matches with the theme of your nuptial. Wedding invitation cards are fun to design - innovation and personalization is what they need!

  6. 5. Comic booklets Begin your journey to a happy married life by sharing with the world the story of how the two of you met. Especially, if yours is a story that has an interesting element and surprise factor, then it will surely pep up the story. Create two characters, and begin the story of how life was before you met your love, how the cupid struck, and how life has changed after deciding to marry each other.

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