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3 Points to Consider When Choosing Bed Linens for Your Hotel PowerPoint Presentation
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3 Points to Consider When Choosing Bed Linens for Your Hotel

3 Points to Consider When Choosing Bed Linens for Your Hotel

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3 Points to Consider When Choosing Bed Linens for Your Hotel

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  1. 3 Points to Consider When Choosing Bed Linens for Your Hotel Hospitality is serious business, and you should take every aspect whether it is minor or major seriously. From choosing the perfect toiletries to actually managing the various departments, there's lot involved in this business that you need to cater to. The first thing you will need to define is the type of hotel you want to be, which will help you define the design, the interiors as well as the hotel supplies for your hotel. Hotel supplies play a pivotal role in creating your brand, which is why it is said you should invest some time and effort in choosing it. For this, you would need to partner with the perfect hotel supply store which can act as a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

  2. Among the different hotel supplies that reflect warmth and comfort, one that is most effective is the bed linen. It is the sign of comfort that your hotel is offering. This is probably why you should choose it carefully. When choosing the bed linen, there are a few points that you simply cannot ignore. Here we will discuss those few points that you ought to keep in mind. The Fabric You should ideally choose the right fabric for your bed linens, which are in line with the effect you want to create in the hotel rooms. There are various types of linen that you can choose from. Cotton is one of the favourites as it goes with every season, and is pretty convenient as well as durable material. This is something that every hotelier would vouch for. That's probably why this comfortable linen is normally an essential part of every hotel. The other fabric that is preferred after cotton would include polyester blends. Some hotels believe that silk gives a very rich look to their hotel and go for this linen fabric. Percale is a woven or spun fabric which lasts longer despite multiple washing. It is comfortable again, which is also a reason why many hotels use this material. It is a personal preference that will help you choose the fabric. But, this is an important aspect and the first one to consider when choosing the bed linen. Size The linen should be a perfect fit for your bed size, which is why when you go to buy the bed linen you need to be careful on the size. The best fit for your bed will make it look more comfortable and inviting, which is why it is said you should spend more time in choosing the right size that will go for the bed. Before you ask your vendor for bed linens, make sure you have measured the bed, and you are aware of the size you are seeking for the linen. Thread Count Most of you may know this point, but for those who are unaware this is an equally important part of choosing the bed linen. The thread count will help you with determining the quality of the linen. If the thread counts are higher, the quality is considered to be good, and you can go ahead with the linen. If the thread count is anywhere between 120 and 170, then it is a thin

  3. material and not ideal for hotels. The 200 thread count is ideal for budget hotels, while 400 offers soft quality and is pretty durable, which goes with the needs of the major hotel chains in the world. Ultimate luxury comes with the thread count that is somewhere between 800 and 1000. Now that you know the basics to choosing a bed linen, use these points effectively. Ramayan Supply offers a range of hotel equipment supply to help carve the right impression to your audience. Connect with us for customized products.