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ALPHA Is a symbol to a Neo-Nazi group based in Philadelphia. Alpha is headed by Ryan Wilson.

HATE GROUPS. ALPHA Is a symbol to a Neo-Nazi group based in Philadelphia. Alpha is headed by Ryan Wilson. ARYAN NATIONS

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ALPHA Is a symbol to a Neo-Nazi group based in Philadelphia. Alpha is headed by Ryan Wilson.

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  1. HATE GROUPS ALPHA Is a symbol to a Neo-Nazi group based in Philadelphia. Alpha is headed by Ryan Wilson. ARYAN NATIONS A neo-Nazi, Christian Identity organization led by Richard Butler and based in Hayden Lake, Idaho. Aryan Nations is also known as the Church of Jesus Christ Christian. Christian Identity is a racist religion that teaches that whites (“Aryans”) are descended from the Los Tribes of Israel and are thus God’s chosen people; also that Jews are descendants of Satan and nonwhites are soulless “mud peoples”.

  2. HATE GROUPS KU KLUX KLAN According to the Klan, the blood drop represents the blood shed by Jesus Christ as a sacrifice for the White Aryan Race. The KKK originated as a secret society organized in the South after the American Civil War to reassert white supremacy through terrorism and intimidation THE POSSE COMITATUS Was an antigovernment movement active in the 1970s and 1980s, many of whose leaders were Christian Identity adherents, and whose ideology formed the basis of later groups such as the Montana Freemen. The Posse died away in the late 1980s but former Posse leader James Wickstrom restarted it in the 1990s solely as a white supremacist group.

  3. HATE GROUPS 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL Black American group who believe “the man/nation with the mark of the beast: 666 is the entire white race, America and all the Europeans nations. Shalam!” • NATION OF ISLAM Black organization which promotes Black superiority & correct past/present injustices by any means. “All presidents since 1932 are controlled by Jews.”

  4. HATE GROUPS WHITE POWER This is a symbol used by various White Separatist groups. The "A" in the center stands for "Aryan". NATIONAL ALIIANCE Neo-Nazi organization led by William Pierce and is based near Hillsboro, West Virginia. It is the largest and most active neo-Nazi organization in the United States.

  5. HATE GROUPS THE NATIONALIST MOVEMENT NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF WHITE PEOPLE (NAAWP) Racist/Extremist Group. Also known as: Hungarian Arrow-Cross; Victory Flag; Battle Flag. It is said to have originated with infantrymen in Vietnam who used the symbol as a call to victory. The Crosstar, in red, white and blue, is the official symbol of this white supremacist, anti-immigrant, anti-gay organization whose members claim to assert allegiance to democratic, pro-government ideals. Racist/Extremist Group. This is a self-proclaimed civil rights organization for white people founded by former Klan leader David Duke and currently led by Ray Thomas in Tampa, Florida.

  6. HATE GROUPS WHITE ARYAN RESISTANCE (WAR) WAR is a neo-Nazi, skinhead organization that espouses white separatism and hatred towards Jews and other minorities. W.A.R., led by Tom Metzger, is based in Fallbrook, California THE ORDER The Order was a white supremacist terrorist organization, founded by Robert Mathews in 1983, that committed bank robberies, the bombing of a synagogue and the murder of a radio talk-show host. The group lives on through its imprisoned members who continue to propagandize from their cells and influence other members of the white supremacist movement.

  7. HATE GROUPS AMERICAN NAZI PARTY Formerly known as the European American Education Association, the group is led by Rocky Suhayda and based in Eastpointe, Michigan. The ANP claims to be dedicated to the preservation of the White Race, the Aryan Republic, and Western-European cultural heritage. WORLD CHURCH OF THE CREATOR A “W” represents the white race and a crown and halo above signifying the group’s belief in the elite and sacred nature of the white race. The white supremacist organization led by Matthew Hale and based in East Peoria, Illinois defines itself as a religion established for the “survival, expansion, and advancement of [the] white race exclusively.”

  8. HATE GROUPS HAMMERSKINS With local chapters scattered worldwide, Hammerskins maintain they represent the working class of the white racialist movement and often advocate using violence to achieve their goals. Hammerskins and other skinhead Groups are devotees of “white power” music. NATIONAL SOCIALIST MOVEMENT (NSM) With contact points throughout the United States, the NSM, led by Jeff Schoep in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a neo-Nazi organization that believes in racial separation and minimal intervention of government into the lives of citizens.

  9. HATE SYMBOLS ODIN RUNE General Racist Symbol. Also known as Norse Rune. Neo-Nazis, White Supremacist. The Rune expresses faith in the pagan religion of Odinism and was originally a symbol for the Vikings CELTIC CROSS General Racist Symbol. Also known as “Odin’s Cross” One of the most popular symbols for neo-Nazis and white supremacists. No one should assume that a Celtic Cross, divorced from other trappings of extremism, automatically denotes use as a hate symbol

  10. HATE SYMBOLS CONFEDERATE FLAG Though this is not always used in a racist context, this flag has been labeled racist by the Jewish Media. CELTIC CROSS The Celtic cross is commonly used by many White Separatist organizations around the world. THE CROSSWHEEL This is one of the main symbols used by the Ku Klux Klan

  11. HATE SYMBOLS W.A.R. SKINS “SKIN” FIST CHELSEA SKINHEAD SYMBOLS Until recently, skinheads could be identified by their colored shoelaces and Doc Marten boots, often made with steel tips and used as “weapons” to kick people in fights. The letters “S-K-I-N” tattooed on the fingers is currently popular among racist skinheads CRUCIFIED SKINHEAD BOOT SYMBOLS

  12. HATE SYMBOLS ARYAN FIST ANARCHY SIGN THREE SEVENS HAMMERSKIN This is the name of a specific neo-Nazi skinhead organization. The many local hammerskin chapters in the U.S. and abroad are united by an ideology that focuses on white pride and white power music. HFFH stands for “Hammerskins forever, forever Hammerskins.”

  13. HATE SYMBOLS THUNDER / LIGHTNING BOLTS “SS BOLTS” EAGLE ATOP SWASTIKA SWASTIKA / NAZI PARTY FLAG NEO-NAZI SYMBOLS The swastika was adopted by Germany’s Nazi Party. Hitler made the Nazi swastika unique to his party by reversing the normal direction of the symbol. Today, it is widely used, in various incarnations, by neo-nazis, racist skinheads and other white supremacist groups. The Iron Cross is often displayed by neo-Nazi groups as jewelry. SKULL AND CROSSBONES “DEATH’S HEAD” NAZI SWASTIKA WITH IRON CROSS

  14. HATE SYMBOLS HEIL HITLER Used by many groups and Organizations as a greeting."H" is the eighth letter of the alphabet thus HH or Heil Hitler. HEIL CHRIST Used by many Christian Groups & Organizations as a greeting."H" is the eighth letter in the alphabet and "C" is the third letter in the alphabet thus HC or Heil Christ. UNITED AS ONE This is a short greeting meaning : We need to unite in a common cause for the preservation of the glorious White Race, to keep it pure and strong.

  15. HATE SYMBOLS KU KLUX KLAN This is a greeting showing agreement to the Ku Klux Klan. Whereas the 11th letter of the alphabet is K so " 3K's" is KKK or Ku Klux Klan THE 14 WORDS These are the 14 words Spoken by the Honorable Robert Mathews and written down by David Lane.“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

  16. HATE TATOOS Aryan Brotherhood Nazi Low Riders (NLR) Black Guerrilla Family (BGF) PRISON TATTOOS Street and prison gang tattoos, whose origins date back to the mid 1960s, late 1970s. In some places, one earns the spider web tattoo by killing a minority. However, non-extremists may sometimes sport this tattoo as well, unaware of its other symbology, simply because they like the design. Aryan Brotherhood Racist Convicts


  18. Overview • Define Army’s Policy • Explain Restrictions • Describe Terms • Explain Prohibitions • Discuss Commander’s Responsibilities

  19. Impact on Unit/Mission • Command climate suffers • Polarization of groups • Undermines confidence • Productivity is hampered • Unnecessary efforts to recover

  20. Policy To provide equal opportunity & treatment for all soldiers without regard to race, color, religion, gender, or national origin. Participation in extremist organizations or activities is inconsistent with the responsibilities of military service.

  21. Prohibitions • Participation in public demonstrations. • Attending a meeting or activity. • Fund raising activities. • Recruiting or training members. • Creating, organizing, or taking visible role in an organization. • Distributing literature.

  22. Supremacist Any person(s) maintaining the ideology, quality, state of being, or position of being superior to all others in something.

  23. Extremist A person who advocates the use of force or violence; advocates supremacist causes based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or national origin; or otherwise engages to deprive individuals or groups or their civil rights.

  24. Extremist Organizations A group which advocates the use of force or violence, advocates supremacist causes; based on ethnicity, religion, gender, or national origin; or otherwise engages in efforts to deprive individuals or groups of their civil rights.

  25. Extremist OrganizationsUnited States Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report 2000

  26. Extremist OrganizationsWestern United States Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report 2000

  27. Extremist OrganizationsMidwestern United States Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report 2000

  28. Extremist OrganizationsNortheastern United States Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report 2000

  29. Extremist OrganizationsSouthern United States Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report 2000

  30. Extremist OrganizationsMissouri IN 2000, THERE WERE 17 HATE GROUPS IN MISSOURI. Ku Klux Klan Neo-Nazis Racial Skinheads Christian Identity Neo-Confederate Black Separatist Other Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report 2000

  31. Ideology A systematic body of concepts especially about human life or culture; a way of thinking used by a group or individual to express their beliefs & social values.

  32. Militia A body of soldiers not permanently organized in time of peace. Many militia organizations have been formed because of their objection to national or local government (anti-democratic) policies or programs.

  33. Gangs A group of individuals who band together, usually along racial or ethnic lines. Generally, gangs are prone to violent behavior.

  34. Ku Klux Klan Neo-Nazi Church of Jesus Christ Christian IDENTITY IDEOLOGY Church of the Creator Arian Nation Believe Jews are descendants of Satan & whites are true Israelites. New Jerusalem Fellowship Identity Movement Churches

  35. Separatists (Nationalist) Third Position (Aryan Socialism) WHITE SUPREMACY IDEOLOGY Believe white race is directly descended from Adam. Jews are sons of Cain. Fifth Era Neo-Nazi Skinheads

  36. Racial Survivalist Posse Comitatus PATRIOTISM-SURVIVAL IDEOLOGY Believe in protection of basic Constitutional freedoms. Populist Militias

  37. Command Options • UCMJ Actions • Involuntary Separation • Reclassification • Administrative Action

  38. Pro-Active Steps • Education • Counseling • Evaluation (NCOERs / OERs) • Leadership Positions • Security Clearances

  39. Commander’s Responsibilities • Understand what their soldiers positions are. • Alert for indicators. • Enforce policies. • Educate & counsel. • Prohibit extremist activities. • Seek advice.

  40. Minimum Training • Army EO Policy • Evaluation Reports • Selection for Leadership Positions • Removal of Security Clearance • Reclassification • UCMJ • Involuntary Separation • Administrative Actions

  41. Summary • Defined Army’s Policy • Explained Restrictions • Described Terms • Explained Prohibitions • Discussed Commander’s Responsibilities

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