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  1. ABOUT POETRY By: Heather

  2. Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy the Show

  3. REMINDER Poetry does not always have to rhyme.

  4. THE NEW PORCH On your porch it’s beautiful. You can hear the rain and hear the birds sing. I know it’s different than before, but as long as you love me…….it will feel good.

  5. COUPLETS A couplet is a two line poem that rhymes. Each line has the same number of syllables.

  6. COUPLET EXAMPLE Kelly My dog’s name is Kelly. She has a very round belly.

  7. MORE COUPLETS RECESS Out at recess we have lots of fun. We have 30 minutes and we’re done.

  8. LIMERICKS A limerick is an amusing poem of 5 lines. There are 3 long lines and 2 short lines.

  9. LIMERICK EXAMPLE There once was a musical king, Who suddenly started to sing. All the birds in the sky, all started to fly, More near that talented king.

  10. MORE LIMERICKS There once was a cool new king who taught everybody to sing. He started a band to sing in the sand. Oh Boy! Did that king like to sing.

  11. ACROSTIC An acrostic poem is a word written vertically or horizontally using words that start with that letter.

  12. Acrostic Example ABERNETHY Awesome Beautiful Exciting Radical Nice Energetic Too Cool Happy Youthful

  13. MORE ACROSTIC School Science Creativity Homework Outside Objects Learn


  15. CINQUAIN EXAMPLE FOOTBALL It’s fun! Girls can cheerlead. Penn State is a great team. Trojans are really very cool! Touchdown!

  16. More Cinquains Sharks May bite Always biting They always have bad breath If they bite you it will hurt bad BAD BOY!

  17. Haiku A Haiku is a poem that consists of unrhymed words organized into 3 lines Line 1= 5 syllables Line 2= 7 Line 3=5

  18. Haiku Example SPRING It’s always raining. I love the smell of the air. I like the flowers.

  19. More Haikus Fall Fall is always cold. We rake up all of our leaves. Then we jump in them.

  20. Night FlyersBY: S.A.N. (My Grandma) Mosquitoes and june bugs and fire flies, all come out at night. It’s fun to catch the fire flies, But the mosquitoes like to bite. More………..

  21. More The june bugs hit the windows, and land upon your clothes, But the pesky little mosquito leaves a mark that really grows. More………….

  22. More So, if at night you’re outside, and you want to sit and relax, watch for the june bugs and fire flies, But beware of the mosquitoes ATTACK!!!!!!!

  23. Bed Time By Heather Good-bye sunshine. Hello moon. We’re gonna go to sleep real soon. As the stars sparkle, all so bright, I will go to sleep at night. More…………...

  24. More Mommy is here. I have no fear. I go to sleep at night, Knowing when I wake up It will be bright.

  25. The End I hope you liked my Power Point!!!!!!!!!!