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BNF Scottish Conferences 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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BNF Scottish Conferences 2010

BNF Scottish Conferences 2010

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BNF Scottish Conferences 2010

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  1. BNF Scottish Conferences 2010

  2. Appointees We would like to express our gratitude to colleagues from the teaching profession, employed by SQA as Appointees, who perform essential duties in a variety of roles. The feedback from both new and experienced team members is that they find being involved very rewarding in terms of their personal development. We are currently looking for applications from suitably qualified teachers to become Visiting Assessors for Creative Cake Production and Markers in all areas, please apply via the Appointee section on SQA’s website.

  3. 2009/10 uptake and performance

  4. Course Awards 2010 British Nutrition Foundation Home Economics Standard Grade Advanced Higher Health and Food Technology Quality Meat Scotland Hospitality Practical Cookery Intermediate 2

  5. Appeals Purpose of Appeals To review alternative evidence and examination scripts for candidates who, for some reason, did not perform as well as their centre expected on the day of the examination and make a judgement as to whether the evidence submitted by the centre is persuasive enough to overturn the original award. To consider late Absentee cases.

  6. Appeals Stage 1 20 Aug Stage 1 Appeals evidence submission deadline 01 to 15 Sept Stage 1a Appeals events 20 Sept Urgent Appeals results issued 24 Sept Stage 1 Appeals results issued 25 to 26 Sept Stage 1b (Late) Appeals events Stage 2 10 Sept Stage 2 Appeals evidence submission deadline 02 to 20 Oct Stage 2a Appeals events 05 to 07 Nov Stage 2b (Late) Appeals events 05 Nov Stage 2 Appeals results issued • Please ensure that you refer to the ‘Estimates, Absentees and Assessment Appeals’ information which can be found on our website • Appeals helpdesk — 0131 271 6750

  7. Today’s update • IARs and EARs • Project briefs • Verification • On-going work • CPD opportunities • Curriculum for Excellence • REHIS • SFDF

  8. IARs and EARs • IAR — Internal Assessment Report • EAR — External Assessment Report These reports are produced annually by Senior Appointees and contain information that can be used to develop your teaching and enhance your candidates experience/opportunities. To access them, visit the subject webpage.

  9. Home Economics Intermediate1, 2 and Higher project briefs The briefs will be published on SQA’s website in the Home Economics section on 30 September.

  10. 2010 visits Standard Grade 19 Centres Int 1 HE 12 Practical Cookery 80 Skills for Work11 2011 dates Standard Grade January to March Int 1 HE February to March Practical Cookery March to May Skills for Work December 2010 onwards Verification

  11. On-going work We are working with subject specialists to revise a number of Hospitality NABs. Hospitality Practical Cookery Int 2 planning booklet exemplar will be posted on SQA’s website and on the Understanding Standards Website. Creative Cake gallery of candidates’ work: Homecoming Scotland Cake

  12. A new NPA in Bakery at SCQF level 4 has been designed to equip candidates with the skills required for success in current and future employment within the bakery industry or for progression to further academic qualifications. The NPA is aimed at candidates without prior bakery experience, but who have an interest in a career in the industry. The NPA Units are also available as optional Units within the National Certificate in Hospitality at SCQF level 4.

  13. CPD opportunities Home Economics Higher Understanding Standards Home Economics Understanding Standards - Textiles Hospitality Skills Training days Hospitality Skills for Work Support Network Please use the information that will be sent out to request a place that is relevant to your needs.

  14. Home Economics Higher Understanding Standards Date — November 2010 Venue — Stirling Management Centre Focus — Question Paper

  15. Home Economics Understanding Standards Date — tbc Venue — tbc Focus — Textiles …your thoughts on content?

  16. Hospitality Skills Training Days Date — Early 2011 Venues — Glasgow Metropolitan Perth College Focus — Practical work Please note: These events are aimed at new/inexperienced teachers/practitioners.

  17. Hospitality Skills for Work Support Network Date — Early 2011 Venue — Adam Smith College Focus — Approval Verification Successful candidates case studies Demonstration of best practice Industry perspective

  18. Curriculum for Excellence and the next generation of National Qualifications

  19. Quality Assurance Process Review of Courses Co-Ordination Group Curriculum Area Review Group Curriculum Area Review Group QDT QDT QDT QDT QDT QDT QDT SWG SWG SWG SWG SWG SWG SWG

  20. Qualification Development SQA need to develop qualifications which... reflect the values and principles of CfE provide opportunities for progression with an emphasis on skills support, motivate and challenge learners are inclusive, coherent and easy to understand continue to maintain high standards are valued and credible are flexible

  21. Implications fewer and broader outcomes more room for professional judgment – what is assessed and how fitness for purpose assessment- exams, projects, performances, practical tasks, case studies, portfolios National Assessment Resource Quality Assurance

  22. Home Economics and Hospitality qualifications - Bold text denotes new Courses — all titles are working titles only and may change

  23. Development Model Curricular Area Suites of Courses Course Units

  24. National 4 and National 5 Design Principles update National 4 or National 5 or

  25. 2010/11 new curriculum • 2012 publication of new qualifications levels 1 to 6 • 2013 publication of new qualifications levels 7 last Standard Grades and current Access 2/3 • 2014 first new qualifications levels 2 to 5; existing National Courses for S5 and S6 • 2015 first new qualifications level 6; existing National Courses for S6 • 2016 first new qualifications level 7

  26. Further Information Curriculum for Excellence Progress Reports Overview of Qualifications Design Principles Subject Working Groups Email alerts

  27. Qualifications Development Managers • Marie Morrison - Health and 0845 213 5352 • John Dorgan – Social Studies Tel: 0845 213 5244

  28. The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland — Funding is available from the Food Standards Agency to undertake the Elementary Food Hygiene certificate - registered Centres should receive an email instructing them on how to apply. If you are not registered/would like to apply, please contact either:

  29. Scottish Food and Drink Federation • Do you have a partnership with a company involved in the Food Industry? If so, please contact: Flora McLean Director, Scottish Food and Drink Federation

  30. Contact details Graeme Findlay — Qualifications Manager 0845 213 5492 Romana Howells —Qualifications Officer, Home Economics 0845 213 5480 Clare West — Qualifications Officer, Hospitality 0845 213 5489