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Unit 1 Reading 1

Unit 1 Reading 1

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Unit 1 Reading 1

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  1. Unit 1 Reading 1 What is your star sign?

  2. 教学目标: • 1. 通过各种阅读手段了解各星座的时间和名称;了解与性格有关的词汇 • 2. 归纳各星座的人物所拥有的性格特征,了解文章大意 • 3. 能根据课文内容完成有关练习:P10 B、C

  3. Do you remember the star signs? A B C E F D G H I J L K

  4. Guessing Game

  5. C B A Ram Aries Bull Taurus Fish Pisces E F D Crab Cancer Centaur Sagittarius Lion Leo

  6. G I H Scales Libra Scorpion Scorpio Twins Gemini K J L Goat Capricorn watercarrier Aquarius Virgin Virgo

  7. Free talk • What is your star sign? • Can you tell me something about yourself? • ( abilities, special qualities, characteristics) • 3.How many students are under the same star sign as you? • 4.What are they like? • 5.Do you share similar characteristics? clever, kind, generous, hard-working, brave, patient, polite….

  8. more words to describe people does not easily get angry cares only about himself/herself is friendly and loves to meet people can wait without getting angry has lots of energy wants to know about everything feels sure his/her own ability treats everyone equally energetic outgoing confident selfish easy-going fair patient curious

  9. Have a try! energetic • The child is so________. He never feels tired and keeps running around. • She loves parties. Because she is very ________. • He answered the question in a _________ way. He thinks he will win all the time. • My desk-mate is very _______. She never shares cakes with me. out-going confident selfish

  10. Have a try! easy-going • He is a(n) ________ man. He always says yes to others. • A teacher should be ______ to every student in judging his or her performance. • You must be _____when talking to a young child. Don’t be angry. • Eddie is _______ to everything because he thinks it may be nice food. fair patient curious

  11. Listen and answer • 1. Is Aries lazy? • 2. Which star sign likes saving money? • 3. Does Sagittarius like telling jokes? • 4. Which star sign has the best imagination? • 5. If your birthday is on 13th September, what is your star sign?

  12. Match the first parts of the sentences on the left with the second parts on the right. 1 An energetic person ___ a does not easily get angry. 2 An outgoing person ___ b cares only about himself/ herself. 3 A confident person ___ c is friendly and love to meet people. 4 A selfish person ___ d can wait without angry. e c h b

  13. a f 5 An easy-going person ___ e has lots of energy. 6 A fair person ___ f treats everyone equally. 7 A patient person ___ g wants to know about everything. 8 A curious person ___ h feels sure about his/ her own ability. d g

  14. Listen and answer "T" or "F" • Kitty was born on 26th March. She should be kind and wise. • Suzy’s birthday is on 28th April. She should be energetic and active • Simon’s star sign is Leo. This means he is strong and confident. • Sandy’s star sign is Virgo. This means she is probably a careless person. • Daniel was born on 7th October. He should be polite. • Amy’s birthday is on 2nd November. She should be a patient person. F energetic and active F hardworking but stubborn at times T F modest T F powerful

  15. What are this star sign’s characteristics? • energetic • impatient • sometimes like to be the leader • maybe selfish sometimes Aries 白羊座 21st Mar – 20th Apr

  16. What are this star sign’s characteristics? • stubborn • do not like change • hard-working • patient • do not give up easily Taurus 金牛座 21st Apr – 21st May

  17. What are this star sign’s characteristics? • curious • clever • out-going • love to talk Gemini 双子座 22nd May – 21st Jun

  18. What are this star sign’s characteristics? • kind • love your home and family • like to take care of others • like saving money • like cooking Cancer 巨蟹座 22nd Jun – 22nd Jul

  19. What are this star sign’s characteristics? • strong • confident • generous • like to buy friends nice gifts Leo 狮子座 23rd Jul – 22nd Aug

  20. What are this star sign’s characteristics? • modest • worry too much at times • practical • always pay attention to details Virgo 处女座 23rd Aug – 22nd Sept

  21. What are this star sign’s characteristics? • polite • fair • practical • elegant • love beautiful things • love peace, do not like to argue with others Libra 天秤座 23rd Sept – 22nd Oct

  22. What are this star sign’s characteristics? • powerful, have lots of energy • like to keep secrets • sometimes can not forgive others’ faults Scorpio 天蝎座 23rd Oct – 21st Nov

  23. What are this star sign’s characteristics? • enjoy life • have a good sense of humor • often be lucky • love traveling to different places Sagittarius 射手座 22nd Nov –20th Dec

  24. What are this star sign’s characteristics? • businesslike • often successful • good at making or planning things • patient enough, can wait without getting angry Capricorn 摩羯座 21st Dec – 20th Jan

  25. What are this star sign’s characteristics? • kind and wise • have many friends • be thought to be strange because try everything to be different • hate to be like anyone else Aquarius 水瓶座 21st Jan – 19th Feb

  26. What are this star sign’s characteristics? • generous • kind • gentle • easy-going • creative • imaginative • like to dream about everything Pisces 双鱼座 20th Feb – 20th Mar

  27. Discussion • What is your star sign? • Do you have the same characteristics as the star sign says? • Do you think what the star signs say about people are facts? More exercises

  28. More Exercises • What are your characteristics?Write a short description of your own characteristics. • Show your description to your partner. • Discuss with your partner whether or not you agree with each other.

  29. 根据首字母提示完成短文: crab Kind • They look like the c_______in the sky. Cancers are very soft, loving and k______, and they also have great pity for other people who are less lucky t______ they. This m_______them become happy or s_______very easily. A Cancer will gladly g_________up something for the ones they love. They love their homes and their f________life and love to take care of o______. A Cancer enjoys old things, clothes, and foods. They likes s_______money and c_________. than makes sad give family others saving cooking

  30. Homework • Read the passage three times. • Try to remember all the adjectives which describe a person’s characteristics.