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Make your more more stylish and be secure with us! PowerPoint Presentation
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Make your more more stylish and be secure with us!

Make your more more stylish and be secure with us!

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Make your more more stylish and be secure with us!

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  1. Privacy Screens Make your home look more stylish and be secure with us!

  2. INTRODUCTION Privacy fence fabric is commonly used in commercial and residential areas. It is pretty simple to install when compared to a brick wall, wooden partitions and others. High quality privacy screens are very durable and they will last for many years to come. A fence privacy screen also gives you a sense of security anytime of the day or night. We offer custom-made screens or standard sized ones to meet consumer's requirements.

  3. FEATURES • Pool Covering • Crowd control • Perfect Style • Privacy • Safety

  4. Safety Privacy Screens are very much ensure for your property. They ensure safety of your property and used effectively to prevent outsiders from accessing your property. Privacy They are a very attractive way to comply with highly regulation, privacy screens in apartment balconies and safety barriers used to reduce the serious immersion injuries of your children in swimming pool.

  5. Crowd Control Privacy screens are designed to be used as crowd control by increasing the heights to posts and using opaque between apartments to avoid overlooking issues. Perfect Style At Betta Balustrades, we offer a wide range of fencing styles are great for use as a beautiful front fence to add something extra for your home's frontage.

  6. Pool Covering They are used for pool covering that is improving safety in and around the pool, essential to reduce the number of drowning and meet all regulations of pool fencing. Low Maintenance It is an inexpensive option and is very low maintenance, which is good if you have small children and is extremely durable that is suitable for all weather conditions.

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