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Presentation Transcript

    1. The boring presentation

    2. The boring introduction

    Mondo A/S Artnode Foundation

    3. My position

    Businessmen Designers Programmers Artists

    4. The battle

    Designers (prejudice) Based on inspiration and taste Mostly interested in personal self expression Wanting to do cool stuff. Showing off Adding final decoration HCI folks (prejudice) Wanting to measure everything. Being very technical Making everything cold and boring Not understanding branding

    5. Design is a craft

    Problemsolving and communication, not personal expression is the key to effective visual design. Sun Microsystems Design is not something that can be applied after the fact, when the fundamental organization of the product has already been determined. To be effective, design must be an integral part of the product development lifecycle. Sun Microsystems Questions about whether design is necessary or affordable are quite beside the point. Design is inevitable. The alternative to good design is bad design, not no design. Douglas Martin, Book Designer

    6. Conclusion

    I wont supply you with any.

    7. User Experience

    8. Buzzwords

    Experience Emotion Satisfaction Enjoyable Fun

    9. Not really a new concept in HCI

    10. Attractive things work better

    Wash and polish your car. Doesnt it run better? Donald A Norman

    11. The Dream Society

    In the not-too-distant future, products and services which appeal to the heart rather than the mind will capture the greatest marketshare. Rolf Jensen is describing something more profound than 'Sell the sizzle, not the steak'. He is exploring the dynamics behind business in the affluent economies of the 21st Century which will shift from need-driven information to story-driven imagination. Rolf Jensen The Dream Society. HeartStorm.

    12. The idea of efficiency

    Dream Society as a nightmare: The New Culture of Hypercapitalism Where All of Life is a Paid-For Experience Dream Society as a utopia: Efficiency and entropy: Talking about machines Experience and empaty: Talking about people Jeremy Rifkin. The End of Work. The Age of Access. The H2 Economy.

    13. Aesthetics

    14. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    Aesthetic: A branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty, art, and taste and with the creation and appreciation of beauty. A particular theory or conception of beauty or art : a particular taste for or approach to what is pleasing to the senses and especially sight. A pleasing appearance or effect.

    15. Will it match the carpet?

    The Trap of Good Taste

    16. Not just pretty pictures


    17. Unique Aesthetics of Interactivity

    Artists and designers must seek to develop a unique aesthetics of interactivity in which elements such as: screen design, user control processes, navigation actions, system responses and the like become themselves part of the magic of the new media. Stephen Wilson Professor, Conceptual/Information Arts, SFSU Author of "Information Art" Coeditor of Leonardo Journal (MIT) SIGGRAPH 93 Visual Proceedings Art Show

    18. Not for your eyes only

    Not only visual interface - GUI (Texts) Audio Keyboard Mouse / pointing device Body not waiting for VR or AR

    19. Getting the body involved

    Pervasive gaming Low tech (SMS) Location based Low tech Crude location Click on the image to access the website

    20. The Visuals

    21. Content = King


    22. Transparent interface

    User gets the experience from content. The interface should be transparent

    23. The Interface as Content-creator

    Myst MYST (Game 1995) The interface is creating the experience

    24. Decorative OS

    Macintosh OS X Microsoft Win XP

    25. Skins

    26. Komar & Melamid: The Peoples Choice

    Komar & Melamid weblink

    27. Komar & Melamid: The Peoples Choice

    Most wanted (Denmark)

    28. Komar & Melamid: The Peoples Choice

    Most wanted (Germany)

    29. Komar & Melamid: The Peoples Choice

    Most wanted (Holland)

    30. Net.Art and Software art

    31. Net.Art and Software art

    Not visual art Conceptual Art Site Specific Art Social Art Concrete Poetry

    32. C5: Lisa Jevbratt

    PERL is my medium

    33. Art and interaction

    Interaction is totalitarism. It gives users the illusion of freedom. Lev Manovich In usability the freedom is minimized to gain efficiency and accessibility. In the artistic use of interaction, usability is often used as a counterpoise and inspiration for deconstructing and exposing the conventions. Jens Michael Hammel

    34. The interface in Software Art

    The interface is always hiding something Mysterious, hostile, counter-intuitive The interface is often creating the experience

    35. Artists & Works

    36. AntiRom

    37. AntiROM

    Click on the image to access the webversion

    38. Adrian Ward

    39. Auto-illustrator (Adrian Ward)

    Click on the image to access the downloadpage

    40. Alexei Shulgin

    41. Alexei Shulgin: FormArt

    42. JODI

    We love your computer Dirk Paesmann Joan Heemskeerk


    Click on the image to access the webversion

    44. C5 Corp: Theory as product

    45. C5: SoftSub

    Click on the image to access the website and the downloadpage

    46. Golan Levin: Painterly Interfaces

    47. Musical instruments

    48. Electronic instruments (1970 vs. 1980)

    49. Virtual instruments (1990)

    50. Golan Levin: Audiovisual Environment Suits

    51. Levin: Floo

    Manipulate a freeform plastic substance Pollock: Lavender Mist, 1950

    52. Levin: Loom & Yellowtail

    Painterly interface Kandinsky: Part of Composition 4, 1911

    53. Golan Levin: Parameters

    Golan Levin: Painterly Interfaces for Audiovisual Performance, MIT 2000 (Thesis)

    54. Levin: AVES Demo

    Due to copyrights, the video is not online. You can access the AVES website by clicking here.

    55. Conclusion