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Home appliance control System(HACS) PowerPoint Presentation
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Home appliance control System(HACS)

Home appliance control System(HACS)

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Home appliance control System(HACS)

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  1. Home appliance control System(HACS) -Arjun Sambamoorthy -Anuradha Dhawan -Chandan Mahalingappa -Karthik Kumar Annamalai -Praabhu Kannappan

  2. Introduction HACS is a system controlled by a remote system such as mobile phone or palmtop and at the same time controls, monitors and co-ordinates home appliances microwave, TV/VCR, Bath tub controller, home security, Air conditioner etc

  3. What we have done ?? • The HACS authenticates the User • The user is allowed to select the device he wants to control. • The options set by the user is communicated to the respective device. • The device performs the job accordingly. • The user is sent acknowledgement.

  4. The Appliances The appliances considered are – 1) Microwave 2) Electric Stove 3) TV/VCR 4) Home Security System 5) Fire Alarm

  5. The Overall System HACS

  6. Use Case Diagram for HACS

  7. Class diagram

  8. Sequence diagram For Login

  9. Sequence diagram for microwave

  10. Sequence diagram for electric stove

  11. Sequence diagram for TV/VCR

  12. Sequence diagram for Home Security System

  13. Sequence diagram for Fire Alarm

  14. Sequence diagram for Add/Remove device

  15. CRC for Login Login Responsibilities Collaboration Get the username and password from the user Send Username and Password to system HACS

  16. CRC for HACS HACS Responsibilities Collaboration Authenticates username/password Helps the user to select the appliance by displaying the menu Check the status Display the Status Helps the user to add/remove device Interacts with appliances Appliance

  17. CRC for Microwave Microwave Responsibilities Collaboration Interacts with HACS Set the clock, schedule, temperature and timer values Start cooking at the scheduled time Inform the HACS when temperature crosses threshold value HACS

  18. CRC for TV/VCR TV/VCR Responsibilities Collaboration Set the parameter for time Return status to HACS Interacts with HACS HACS

  19. CRC for Home Security System Home Security System Responsibilities Collaboration Return status to HACS Interacts with HACS Keep monitoring Notify police and user in case of burglary HACS

  20. CRC for Fire Alarm Fire Alarm Responsibilities Collaboration Interacts with HACS Keeps Monitoring Notify fire service and user on fire HACS