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The 101 Mustangs PowerPoint Presentation
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The 101 Mustangs

The 101 Mustangs

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The 101 Mustangs

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  1. The 101 Mustangs Jamie 4rth Grade GT Midyear

  2. Howdy I’m Lizzy Rancho Carnover. I’m 23 buckaroos old. Well, you wouldn’t believe what happened to me last summer. I will tell you all about it. But we can’t go back in time so I will tell you.

  3. One day I’s walkin’ down my sunny dirt road when some wild mustangs came running at me from behind. When I turned around I saw a lot of mustangs. Not 10, not 20, and definitely not 30. There was 101 mustangs.

  4. I rubbed my eyes and pinched myself ‘cause in all of my life I never saw not even 20 mustangs in a herd on account of me bein’ my daddy’s teddy bear. I took them home with me and fed them, gave them a bath, branded them, gave them new horseshoes, and tried to tame them, but I couldn’t .

  5. After I got done, I went home and drank some warm milk from my good ‘ole cow Miz Bessie. It didn’t taste sour at all!

  6. When I got done drinkin’ my nutritious milk I went to bed. I had a dream that I was riding a black mustang with white spots on it, and we started to ride so fast that we started to fly. We soared up in the sky so high that ye’ couldn’t see the Grand Canyon.

  7. I felt a little tingly inside ‘cause of tha’ dream. But all of a sudden I woke up to a gunshot and hooves on the ground. I got up, put a yellow shirt on and my overalls on over that.

  8. I hurried on outside, but I was too late. The rustlers took 100 mustangs and left one, the one I saw in my dream!

  9. I got on it and we took off. Then we started to go really fast. We started going so fast that my face looked like a ghost. My face was showing my face bones.

  10. Then we started to go slower. Before long was the mustang asleep. I had a lot of trouble getting him home that night.

  11. Ever since that day on I called him “Dream”. He became my racin’ horse and we won all the contests and made it to the tournament. We won lot’ o’ money too!

  12. ABOUT THE WRITER My name is Jamie Wood and I am in the 4rth Grade. I am 9 years old and I am in Goals. My story is about a girl named Lizzy and she ends up finding 101 mustangs. One night she wakes up to find that they were stolen except the one she saw in her dream. She ends up keeping the mustang and they become racing partners.

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