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  1. Mustangs The following horses are all mustang ideas for role plays By TwilightRider

  2. Mustangs...

  3. Koda Koda is a stunning chestnut stallion that hates fighting but will do anything for his family, his full name is Dakoda Blue Cloud, most horses call him Koda. Please do not copy I put a lot of effort into him and I don’t want him ruined!

  4. Shadow This big fella’ is Shadow, he’s a bit of trouble so you may have to call him his full name, Shadows of the Darkness, most people call him Shadow.He’s a little bit of a pig so his lips tend to turn green!!

  5. Thunder This big guy is Thunder, he always lands with a smash, that’s why they call him Smash, Rain &,Thunder.

  6. Chase This guy is more mellow than the other stallions, he hates being in a crowd so you’ll often find him on his own, so give him some time and he’ll come to you. Chase me all Night and you won’t get me!

  7. Dancer This little girl is Dancer she’s fairly quiet yet is always on the move, that’s how she gets the name Dance the Night Away.

  8. Gypsy This little girl is full of her self yet only around her friends most of the time, she’s on her on doing her own thing.

  9. Spy This crazy thing is always into some thing she tends to pull about 100 pranks a day, so that’s why every one calls her Eye Spy. When she’s on her own she’s usually planning a new prank!

  10. Mystery This adorable little filly has many different sides to show many don’t know how to describe her. She’s One Last Mystery!

  11. Star This adorable little filly is always with the herd and has something cute to say, no one knows why they call her Stella Luna’s Star...

  12. Rieker Rieker the Striker... That name suits this little power house he’s always on the move and he’s always driving everyone insane!!!

  13. Stranger Stranger.... He’s a little odd he likes to run off and no one’s sure what he does. He’s refered to as Just a Little Strange!

  14. Thanks for watching!!!! Hope you found a character that you liked!!! Enjoy your Role Plays, and pm me ideas!!! TwilightRider