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Zombie Apocalypse Basics PowerPoint Presentation
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Zombie Apocalypse Basics

Zombie Apocalypse Basics

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Zombie Apocalypse Basics

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  1. Zombie Apocalypse Basics A quick rundown, In case of emergency…

  2. First Things First • Zombies are the living dead, returned to life through a Virus, that is spread through fluid transfer. • ANY injury results in full infection, death and reanimation are imminent. • SURVIVAL Is your Number One priority.

  3. KNOW YOUR ENEMY • Are your Zombies fast? Slow? Smart? Feral? • To kill a zombie you must destroy the brain. • How many are in your area? Are you in a city? Small town?

  4. WEAPONRY • Weapon number one is your body, make sure it is in tip top shape. • Weaponry needs to be able to incapacitate {Ideally kill} a zombie in one quick assault. • There are pros and cons to each weapon, make sure you take each of these into account when building your arsenal. • Your wardrobe is your armor. No loose clothing or long hair, Keep it close.

  5. Your Arsenal • Determine your attack plan: Survive, escape, rescue, etc. Your Weaponry needs to be as aggressive as your plan. • Melee (Close Combat) Weapons need to be easily handled while still dealing maximum damage. • Ranged Weapons should be firearms, they deal the most damage, and should be well maintained. • FIRE is king, it is the only sure fire way to destroy a zombie entirely.

  6. General Survival • Noise will alert zombies to your location. Being quiet will keep you alive. • Always have an escape plan. Wherever you are know how to get out. • Hospitals are an awful place to get caught. The sick will go here first, avoid at all costs.

  7. Survival strategies • You last as long as your supplies, so stock up on nonperishable’s fast. • Size of outbreak determines best locations for survival, The larger the outbreak the more help you will need for survival. • Basic home security items will aid in survival. • Alarms, must be set up. They will be your advance warning for an inevitable siege. • This is the easiest way to survive if you are alone, the other strategies are better for groups.

  8. Escape Strategies • Take only the most important items, you can’t take everything for every situation. • Mobility is your best weapon in an escape strategy. Stealth and awareness are next on the list. • Know where you are going, make sure you know how to get there. • Urban areas are deadly, stay quiet and stay hidden. • Cars, of all sorts, are inefficient and not mobile enough for escape. If long distance travel is necessary, motorcycles or horses are the best.

  9. Attack Strategies • This strategy is NOTrecommended. You need several groups (5-10), of at least 10 people, for this to be viable. • Intelligence is your greatest weapon. Do not fight large groups, do not go out alone. • Be prepared for secondary waves after clearing your primary target. Zombies will likely be attracted to all of your noise.

  10. Z.A.B Credits • Inspired by most zombie horror flicks and Max Brooks’ World War Z And Zombie Survival Guide • Zombie Apocalypse Basics assembled by Ian Hall of Eastern Washington University