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Visitor Industry Product Development Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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Visitor Industry Product Development Workshop

Visitor Industry Product Development Workshop

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Visitor Industry Product Development Workshop

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  1. Visitor Industry Product Development Workshop Camille Ferguson Sitka Tribe of Alaska’s Economic Development Director

  2. Sitka Tribe of Alaska’s Cultural Tour Program • Example of Cultural Tour Program • Resources Needed • Components • Partnerships

  3. Welcome to Sheet’ka History is not only about what happened, it is also about the present, yours and ours.  We cordially invite you to experience Sitka on a Tlingit Cultural Tour!  Not as an outsider looking in - but as a participant, with us,  in an ancient and ever changing world.

  4. Our Mission To present local, native culture in a positive, reinvigorated tone; resulting in tour program with an authentic perspective on the Tlingit culture, while providing economic opportunities for the native community of Sitka.

  5. Training Resources Cultural • Tlingit Elders • Kayaani Commission • Local Herbalist • Southeast Alaska Indian Cultural Center- Artist Program • STA- Traditional Foods Program • STA-Customary & Traditional Resources Local • Sitka’s National Historical Park • Sitka Historical Society • St. Michaels Russian Orthodox Church • Alaska Host Program • Sheldon Jackson Museum

  6. Business Concept • Employment for Native Community • Profitable and Self - Sustaining • Authentic Quality Tour Product • Perpetuate Tlingit Culture

  7. Sitka Attractions Landscape History Culture

  8. More attractions.. Wildlife Adventure Fishing

  9. Tour Package Sitka National Historic Park Authentic Native Dance Performance Alaska Raptor Center Sheldon Jackson Museum

  10. Benefits • Expanded service help business compete in today’s full-service market • Future profits for Tribal Citizens • Increased Employment for Tribal Citizens • To perpetuate our culture through tourism. • Create a pride among native people

  11. The Kuskokwim - Bering Sea Adventure Package Product Anchorage “Gateway to Alaska” Bethel “Western Alaska’s Hub” Toksook Bay Dance Birdwatching Grass Baskets Mekoryuk Reindeer& Musk-ox Quiviut Birds Quinhagak Hiking Fishing Beaches

  12. Tourism Planning for Bethel • Planning Group- Stakeholders • Resources • Planning Development • Understanding Tourism • Benefits of Planning

  13. Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s Bureau City Government Village Corporations Tribal Governments Businesses Education, University State and Federal Agencies Individuals and Elders Tour Operators Cultural Organizations Tourism Planning Group

  14. Cultural Programs and Interests Transportation Providers Funders Internet, on-line programs Planning tools, example: comprehensive community planning internet resources Tourism Resources

  15. Start up and Operational planning Incubator – Small or new business, Department of Labor, others Small business training – UA Accounting Tour guiding and operators State DOLWD programs – targeted, small business, Information about individual village- history, cultural emphases, movement Self sustaining operation - revenue Tourism Planning Development

  16. Wildlife Scenery Culture History Nature Fishing Adventure Visitors want to hear, see, feel and taste their experiences Visitors want to be connected with the people who live in Alaska. What do Alaska Visitors Want

  17. Benefits of a Healthy Visitor Industry Planning • Increased Business Opportunities • Increased Employment Opportunities • Ability to Promote Development and minimize negative affects on cultural ways, historical sensitivity and preservation allowing for local control. • Create a Sustainable Tourism base for the community that will support City Government

  18. Bethel Mekoryuk Quinhagak Goodnews Bay Toksook Bay Napakiak Community Participants

  19. Community Profile 5-A’s • Access • Attractions • Accommodations • Advertising • Attitude

  20. Tannery Community House Store/Market Tribal Tours Rental Cost – Artists help operational costs Sitka Opportunities Challenges

  21. Rivers – summer Rivers – winter History Survival Sleeping Giant Food Brochure, promotion “Delta” opportunities - compares to Mississippi Reminds people of Newfoundland, New Brunswick Collecting history Lodging & accommodations Food 9/11 Policies, governance Infrastructure See through new eyes Y/K Delta Opportunities Challenges

  22. National Wildlife Refuge Catcher/Seller fishing licenses Internet Language Dictionary - common words Bragging rights Lack of infrastructure can work to your advantage World wild web Kayaking experiences, traditional transpo. 6 pack licenses Insurance Follow-through, delta-wide Networking Operation costs Need a plan B – weather, etc. Y/K Delta Opportunities Challenges

  23. Alaska Airlines Extra day in Bethel Airport, Air hub Local tours Air charters – flights to check out Bethel Alaska packages including Bethel Domestic travel advantage, post 9/11 Reactions/Impressions (of residents) Information at airport Trip planning information Bethel Opportunities Challenges

  24. Destination – cultural center, hovercraft… Business travelers, add something fun Companion (fare) ANHC partnership Anchorage Museum Tapes, photo’s and films that exist KYUK videos Negative reputation or image Need photo’s & information Historic preservation project Insurance Maps and information Bethel Opportunities Challenges

  25. AK Humanities Forum Library AVCP – Cultural Heritage program Marketing Strategy Village dollars Hotels, restaurants Hub Fish processing/smoking – MAP a resource Region Artists/Artwork Saturday Market Regional Cultural Center Sales outlets City Tourism Project – VISTA, Chamber Transportation $ Bethel Opportunities Opportunities

  26. Nunivak Island Sleeping Giant, we use the whole island We have names for the rivers Water taxi reindeer, Birds Mink Culture camps Cruise West-Nash, guides went on board this year Known, reputation – use to promote region Dance Mekoryuk Opportunities Opportunities

  27. Arts and Crafts masks Traditional knowledge preservation Reindeer products Halibut Quiviut Humanities Forum map language Mekoryuk/Nunivak Island Opportunities Challenges • Getting artists to market, Nash • Lodging • transportation • Wilderness constraint • Market research

  28. Nunivak Island Sleeping Giant, we use the whole island We have names for the rivers Muskox, reindeer hunts, Birds Mink, seals Beaches Culture camps Cruise West-Nash, guides went on board this year School/senior project i.d. target market Bethel bird (Audubon) trip to Nunivak Science Camp Nash Mekoryuk/Nunivak Opportunities Opportunities

  29. Fishing Hunting – birds bear moose Seals Fish Plant 2 rivers Mountains reindeer Transportation – to airport, etc. Need property at airport Dance, bringing back Quinhagak Opportunities Challenges

  30. Potential lodging Dillingham links Togiak Refuge near Floaters Transport – airport shuttle Coffee shop Expanded airport Quinhagak Opportunities Challenges

  31. Road system Fishing from shore History, old village Tours, visitors from all over are coming Diverse ecosystems, species History, reputation – radical Beach walks Coffee Shop Survey-market info. What will you tell your friends about here. Quinhagak Opportunities Opportunities

  32. Hills, mountains, Marine mammals Carter Bay, Chagvag Water and sewer system improvements Togiak, 3 refuges Walrus haulouts Training for guides 6 pack licensing Business startup Follow through, sticking to it. Duplication of services, avoid Networking, coordination Insurance Goodnews Bay Challenges Opportunities

  33. Airport Expansion Dillingham links, ERA, Freshwater Adv Tribe interested in developing an ecotourism business Arts and crafts – masks, baskets Commercial fishery Platinum (historic mining) Bay Tour Fishing reputation (trout) Museum Dance group (travelling) Moravian youth group Kayaking, canoeing Bedrock World is getting smaller internet Goodnews Bay Opportunities Opportunities

  34. 5 salmon species Take a steam Doing business with the State, for rural, tribal developments Networking FUEL River use impacts Goodnews Bay Opportunities Challenges

  35. Grass baskets, local artisans Hills – skiing, recreation NO TREES Road developments planned Etolin Strait – birds, whales Herring and halibut – commercial Dance, cultural events, Youth No tourism businesses Starting in the business Communications between villages, with State, Mentors Shallow water port Tooksook Bay Opportunities Challenges

  36. Arts and crafts website sales Blackberry festival School Teacher retreat/training Scenic, cliffs Muskox Transport opportunities Subregional clinic Access Lodging Fuel Shelter, communications, information at airport Tooksook Bay Opportunities Challenges

  37. Ecotourism access Existing operation – boats, cabins Hovercraft access River tour from Bethel Eagles, falcons, BIRDS Unique vegetation, language Kesirolic River – special, fragile Wild River NWR Built it but nobody has come yet Opposition, reservations Operating capital Expensive transport 9/11 River use impacts proposed hp limit Akiak Opportunities Challenges

  38. Baskets Ivory Carvers Shore, beach Lodging Fish camps 3 rivers 1200 residents Airport Water and sewer Washeteria (sauna) Hooper Bay Opportunities Challenges • Water and sewer • Fuel and Energy costs • Wildlife Refuge • Communications at airport

  39. Fuel is available, swipe your card Sand Dunes Wildlife Refuge 2 dance groups Spring seal hunts Hooper Bay Opportunities Challenges

  40. Japan – students (Mt. Edgecumbe) who know japanese Markets

  41. Partner Package Opportunities

  42. AFN – pursue economic development strategy statewide Platform

  43. Fisherman Birdwatchers Adventure Traveler Eco tourist Botanists Who are my Customers?

  44. Partners for Marketing • Chamber of Commerce • Convention & Visitors Bureau • Alaska Travel Industry Association • American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association • Your Package Partners

  45. Alaska Airlines – News Story America Native News Calling- National Live Interview Statewide News Story ATIA – New Products Travel Writers News and Press Releases Media

  46. Brokers • Visitors Bureau or Chamber • Tour Operators • Alaska Unusual • All Alaska Tours • Premier Alaska