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seo orange county

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  1. SEO Orange County – 3 Major Parts

  2. SEO Orange County – 3 Major Parts • If your business and online presence is mired in squalor it may be time to boost your online SEO efforts. SEO Orange County or anywhere for that matter consists of three major elements that all are as equally important as the other. Often times individuals or businesses try to take on the task of promoting their business without professional help. Digital marketing is one of the most complex portions of your marketing plan and should include digital and SEO consultants. This article will touch on the three major parts of SEO and help you understand why they are important. • Traditional SEO • Although the subtitle says traditional keep in mind that all of these processes need to be kept up to date with current white hat best practices in accordance with guidelines from Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines. White hat simply refers to practices that are acceptable from the major search engines. Avoid black hat SEO techniques like link farms and others that will in the long run do more harm than good. The following procedures could also be called the foundation of SEO efforts:

  3. Website Development - great SEO starts from the ground up. In order to get truly great SEO your website should be developed with it in mind. • Sitemap - add an XML sitemap to your website to provide directions for search engines. • Three click rule - any page on your website should never be more than three clicks deep. This also helps SEO by avoiding possible deadlinks. • Establish clear Pages - if your business has more than one service or product each one should have its own page. Providing multiple services or products on one page often leads to SEO confusion. • Meta-tags - this is background information for search engines. It should be included for page titles, page descriptions and image or video files. • Simple URLs - try not to overdo it with keywords in your URLs.

  4. Keywords - conduct proper research into short and long tail trending keywords in your industry and use them for the corresponding pages. • Link Building - take your time and build only quality links that are relevant. • Most of this advice lays a groundwork for one of the most important parts of SEO: content. Without a great foundation finding great content can be difficult or impossible for search engines and users. • Content Is Still King - Although the saying is decades old it still has relevance today. In fact with Google’s most recent algorithm changes, they are focusing even more on quality versus quantity. They are rewarding “authoritative” websites with top ranking positions. Unfortunately Google has never offered a public definition of an authoritative website. From current top rankings some inferences can be made. These top ranked sites are generally well received by the general public, have quality and relevant links both inbound and outbound, and provide a wealth of information through quality content within their industry.

  5. One of the only ways that seems consistent with authoritative and quality top ranked websites is the amount of content, its relevance to the site and its quality. Providing content that is informative and authoritative will drive consumers to your site and eventually lead to better conversions. Finding an Orange County SEO company that can provide excellent content creation including articles, blogs, social media newsfeeds, videos and images will complete your SEO process. • Reporting and Analysis • The last part of the SEO process is evaluating the ability of the program to achieve results. With any SEO consultant that you hire this should be a foregone conclusion. Whether the company uses SEO reporting tools or whether it is provided in an in-house reporting method there should be real metrics provided for analysis. The most important part of developing an online presence and having an overall digital marketing plan is to increase sales, online conversions and increase traffic to your website or other online properties. If your Orange County SEO company is not providing these statistics it is time to find a new one.

  6. Understanding the SEO process is a business owner can be a complex endeavour but should be made plain to you during any hiring of SEO consultants. If you still do not understand the process it is time to ask more questions until you do or find another consultant that can.

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