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Teeth Whitening

Sacoor Dental is a friendly dental practice based in Acton, London. As an experienced provider of a wide range of dental solutions, Sacoor Dental offer general dentistry, children’s dentistry, and orthodontics for every age, cosmetic treatments, teeth whitening, implants, and even facial aesthetics.

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Teeth Whitening

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  1. Teeth Whitening Tips

  2. Tips • Use Baking Soda • Eat Fresh Vegetables • Brush After Every Meal • Stay away from Braverages • Visit Dentist Regular Basis

  3. Use Baking Soda Title • Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) has abrasive properties which help in remove stains from your teeth backing soda is also a natural Teeth Whitener and has been a proven for teeth whiteningfor many years.

  4. 2) Eat Fresh Vegetables Title • vegetables increase the amount of saliva in the mouth which works as an anti-stain agent for teeth. There are some vegetables that apples, Celery and carrots are more effective natural teeth whiteners.

  5. 3) Brush After Every Meal Title • Brush once after every meal–breakfast, lunch, and dinner help in reduce growth of bacteria in your mouth or you can use various type of mouthwash that also help in reduce bacterial growth towards tooth.

  6. 4) Stay away from Braverages • Drinking Coffee, Tea and Cold drinks are one of the main causes of tooth discoloration they contain very high volume of acid that can damage your enamel. Studies have indicated that low pH level drinks is cause yellow-colored tooth so it is better to stay away from braverages.

  7. 5) Visit Dentist Regular Basis • A regular dental visit is help you to keep your oral hygiene and teeth and gums healthy. It also help in evaluate your dental perform many dentist examine mouth for any indications of vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, oral cancer and dental Implant.

  8. 6) Contact Us 191 High Street, Acton, London W3 9DD 020 8992 6681 info@sacoordental.com https://sacoordental.com

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