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Tips to keep your tires last longer

Tires are a vital part of your vehicle. They are the only thing between you and the road. Stay safe, and save some money too, by ensuring your tires are maintained properly.<br>Buy quality tires from Sailun Tire

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Tips to keep your tires last longer

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  1. Tips to keep your tires last longer

  2. Have A Gentle Drive

  3. Whiledriving,begentlewithyour steering,brakesoraccelerator.Rash drivingincreasesstressonthetiresand damagestiresverysoon.Sostaycontrol whiledrivinginordertomakeyourtires lastlonger

  4. Pay Attention On The Road

  5. Potholes,speedbumpsandother obstaclesyouencounterintheroadwill knockyourwheelsoutofwhack.So,be carefulontheroadsurfacewhile driving.

  6. Inflate Your Tires

  7. Youneedtochecktheairpressureof yourtiresregularlyinordertosavethe tiresfromblowoutandextendingofthe tirelife.Sokeepyourtiresproperly inflatedintime.

  8. Get A Wheel Alignment

  9. Ifyourtiresareoutofalignment,they willwearoutunevenly.Theywillalso preventyourcarfromperformingas wellasitshould.Analignmentputsall ofyourtiresbackthewaytheyshould be.

  10. Rotate Your Tires

  11. Havingyourtiresrotatedisanimportant componentofvehiclemaintenance.Rotate yourtiresatleastevery5000km.Rotation savesyourvehicletiresfromwearingand saveyourmoney.

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