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Tips to keep flowers fresh longer

Tips to keep your flowers fresh for a longer period

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Tips to keep flowers fresh longer

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  2. Place flowers in large vase or container • Always use a clean bowl and keep flowers in that so that they remain fresh. Keeping flower bouquets in freshwater helps in reducing infection that might prevent other microorganisms to multiply and make sure that stems are not tightly pressed.

  3. Remove lower leaves of the flowers • To make freshly cut flowers remain fresh for a longer period, remove the fallen leaves below the waterline because they decay very quickly underwater and affect and damage the rest of the plant.

  4. Cut the stems of the plant at an angle • Cut the ends of the stems frequently to make sure the flowers remain fresh. Use sharp scissors to cut the stems at an angle of 45 degrees. This simple technique will help to improve the absorption of water and it is advisable to cut the stems of the flowers regularly and place them in the freshwater.

  5. Cut the stems of the plant at an angle • For delicate flowers like roses, it's better to cut the stems under water because roses are very sensitive to air because bacteria affect the absorption of water and can make flowers die rapidly.

  6. Place the flowers in the hot water • Place the plant in the hot water I,e water should be around 43-44 degree celsius and put the plant inside the vase and place it in a cool location for two or more hours in the house. Using hot water is advisable because hot water particles move faster than cool particles through the stems. This method of using hot water is called Hardening that extends the life of the flowers.

  7. Change the water frequently • We have to replace or change the water of vase frequently to keep the flowers fresh. In addition to this, remove the dead leaves from the water before refilling the freshwater. This will helps in reducing the risk of infection. To overcome the problem we can use aspirin tablets in the water before putting it into the vase that helps to keep the water clean and also helps in the prevention of bacteria that damages the flowers.

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