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Foaming agent clc blocks, bricks and cellular light Concrete PowerPoint Presentation
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Foaming agent clc blocks, bricks and cellular light Concrete

Foaming agent clc blocks, bricks and cellular light Concrete

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Foaming agent clc blocks, bricks and cellular light Concrete

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  1. Foaming Agent Foaming agent is such chemical which are highly used in the field of construction for making bricks which are simply made up with proper amount of cement, fly ash and foaming agent finely mix with water in particular compressed air. What makes these bricks which are made with foaming agents different from other bricks due to some specific qualities such as it is very eco friendly have very light weight so due to this it is easy for transporting it also have sound proof quality which make it different from other bricks. This agent produces almost no fumes of toxic or any emission over lifetime.

  2. Concrete Foaming Agent Usage of chemicals becomes common in the field of construction and foaming agents have an important and major role in this industry. With expertise foaming agent solutions it become useful for all kind of concrete products. Concrete foaming agent is excellent for the manufacturing of light weighted concrete blocks or bricks. The chemical is completely based of protein and also it has synthetic agents of foaming. The product has some very effective results such as: it is such kind of material which is highly mobile, it reduces the density, it entrains up to 30 – 35 % of air and it increases the product yield under this particular category.

  3. Foaming Agent for CLC Bricks Protein based foaming agents for CLC are used for light weighted blocks or bricks or for the foam concrete blocks or bricks its density is 80 – 90 grams. Foam is generated through foaming agents while it get mixed with air and water then it is directly added to the slurry of cement and blends it in the blender just to form fine dispersion. It is very safe for use and causes no effects on human. The product is suitable for use with sea water and fresh water both. It is compatible with air aspirating and standard proportioning. This is basically used for making bricks which are light weighted, panels of walls and insulation of roof etc.

  4. Protein Based Foaming Agent Forming agents are such chemicals which are highly used for making light weighted bricks popularly known as CLC bricks. When protein based foaming agent mixed in concrete with some active components of enzymatic it is developed for light weighted concrete in the sector of concrete. Making of foaming agent include multiple hydrolysis at different parameters which are completely controlled warrants with very high stability of foam which is withstand manifold force occurred when (pump able) conveying, casting, mixing and during the process of drying. This chemical causes no chemical reaction in concrete it serves merely in the form of wrapping material for trapped air.

  5. Synthetic Foaming Agent Cellular concrete has excellent potential for which it is used in structural light-weight applications but the type of foaming agent which is used in concrete effects in a huge way. It has been observed that type of foaming agent effect mechanical properties and thermal resistance of concrete. Synthetic foaming agent are usually used to make cellular light weight concrete which is suitable for all kind of concrete products and specially for concrete blocks. Synthetic foaming agents have some highlighted qualities such as: It is easy to mobile material, it can reduce the density and it entrains air approx. 30-35 %.

  6. CLC Foaming Agent Popularly and most commonly light weight blocks are made up with the help of foaming agents also this chemical is very useful for almost all the concrete products. CLC foaming agent concentrated with active components of enzymatic which is used to develop CLC for the sector of construction. The process of making foam is followed by multiple hydrolysis at different parameters. Some basic details about product: It is natural and hydroxylation based, high stability foam, does not produces any kind of emission. If stored as per instructions written on the label its self life will be minimum of 2 years.

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