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Salonist SMS Marketing: Money Making SMS to Increase Revenue PowerPoint Presentation
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Salonist SMS Marketing: Money Making SMS to Increase Revenue

Salonist SMS Marketing: Money Making SMS to Increase Revenue

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Salonist SMS Marketing: Money Making SMS to Increase Revenue

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  2. Salonist software offers a mass SMS facility for its customers to assure smooth two-way communication. With Salonist software, your customer’s responses can be tracked and they can easily give acknowledgement to the messages. Here are some techniques of how Salonist SMS marketing assures high revenue such as - Appointment reminders, Exclusive discounts & coupons, Events, Beauty tips, Get feedback on services, Communicate with employees, Build a rewards programs.


  4. Appointment Reminders SMS is an effective way of reminding customers for appointments. If your one client cancels the appointment then you can instantly send the text message to another customer who is waiting for the appointment booking.

  5. Exclusive Discounts and Coupons With Salonist software, you can add discounts, loyalty programs additionally with the services used by your potential customers. Via the SMS feature, You can let your customers know about new exciting offers and discounts about the services and this will surely help to increase your revenue.

  6. Events With the use of SMS marketing, the salon operators can give offers to clients regarding new product launch and can schedule events or parties. This way you surely get the attention of your new and existing customers.

  7. Contests Send your customers alert via SMS regarding contests and attract them easily. As a salon owner, you can reward them with amazing & exciting prizes, gifts, certificates for participating, complimentary services, etc.

  8. Beauty Tips You can text your potential clients and aware them of all of the beauty or give valuable beauty tips. You can do this once a week and this action can help you to enhance your brand awareness.

  9. Get Feedback on Services You can ask for customer feedback through text SMS and this will help you to see the business growth, also beneficial to analyze where your brand actually stands. You can also tell your clients to post a review on google and attract new audiences.

  10. Communicate with employees It’s better to use SMS to communicate with your salon/spa employees rather than any other channel. With Salonist software, receptionists also send the newly arrived booking to the salon owner & all the internal communication keeps organized in a professional manner.

  11. Build a Rewards Program Everyone wants something free when they purchase anything from a seller. With a Salonist SMS facility, you can write to your customers about rewards or loyalty programs on a particular service. This way your clients feel appreciated and valued and this step lead to increased revenue.

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