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Honey Vs Sugar! – Weight loss & Dieting Tip PowerPoint Presentation
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Honey Vs Sugar! – Weight loss & Dieting Tip

Honey Vs Sugar! – Weight loss & Dieting Tip

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Honey Vs Sugar! – Weight loss & Dieting Tip

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  1. Honey Vs Sugar! – Weight loss & Dieting Tip? Are you sweet lovers, always paying attention to sugar just like ants? Most of us put a large amount of sugar into our eatables and drinks on regular basis. From tea to coffee, puddings to cakes we intake a huge amount of sugar and this is the biggest reason for the increasing weight and fat. So to avoid this and retaining your love towards sweet, switch sugar with honey in meals. Honey can be helpful in many ways like in weight reduction, other health problem caused due to sugar. Which is much Sweeten? If we compare sweeten level of sugar and honey, It will be shocking that honey is twice sweeten than sugar so we need half of quantity of sugar requires.

  2. Intake of Calories Though honey contains more calories as compared to sugar but sweeten level is more so if we compare actual calorie consumption then honey will definitely decrease calorie intake. Prevention from diabetes Diabetes is a disease expanding very fast and enters almost every household and we all are very much concerned about this problem. So, we need to change our lifestyles to compete against this and consumption of HONEY instead of sugar is one of the best suitable means to keep this problem far from future diabetes or related health issues. Bright student vs dull student. This sentence gives a complete idea that sugar is not giving any nutrients but yes honey is quite rich in different vitamins and minerals which are very much necessary for growing age. So, intake of honey can give sweet taste with lots of health advantages in comparison of sugar. Lastly I can share my personal opinion in reference to the context that we should slowly change our lifestyles, food habits to keep ourselves and others healthy. Website: / Download MEDBOX App :