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Queensland Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Framework PowerPoint Presentation
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Queensland Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Framework

Queensland Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Framework

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Queensland Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Framework

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  1. Queensland Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Framework

  2. Workshop 1 Introducing the QCAR Framework Aligning curriculum, assessment and reporting

  3. Workshop aims To enhance your understanding of the QCAR Framework To help you consider the opportunities and implications for your school

  4. planning teaching and learning programs? identifying standards for assessment and reporting? aligning what is planned, taught and assessed with reporting? What challenges do teachers face when …

  5. The QCAR Framework A comprehensive framework that aligns what is taught, how it is taught, how learning is assessed and how learning is reported for all students in Years 1–9. It supports: • Consistency • Comparability • Continuity • Diversity

  6. The five components of the QCAR Framework

  7. Essential Learnings The knowledge and capabilities that students need to develop now, and draw on in the future, as active responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

  8. Essential Learnings • Identify what should be taught and what students should have opportunities to learn • Incorporate the National Statements of Learning • Support flexibility for school-based planning • Provide a common basis for planning

  9. Learning and assessment focus Describes the focus of learning and assessment within the year-level juncture. Ways of working Describes the essential processes that students use to develop and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. Knowledge and understanding Describes essential concepts, facts and procedures of the KLA.

  10. Within the context of your school: • How can the Essential Learnings support planning and assessment practice? • How well are the two dimensions — Ways of working and Knowledge and understanding — reflected in current planning, teaching and assessment?

  11. Standards • Align curriculum to assessment and reporting • Describe qualities evident in student work • Provide a common language to support consistency of teacher judgment • Are a key to improving assessment practice

  12. Knowledge and understanding Ways of working

  13. Assessable elements Assessable elements Descriptors

  14. The Assessment Bank

  15. The Queensland Comparable Assessment Tasks (QCATs) — Years 4, 6 and 9 Support consistency of teacher judgments Model quality assessment Provide information to teachers and students about: what students know and can do what is working well what needs attention

  16. Guidelines for Reporting Provide support for: twice-yearly reports reports of individual student achievement on QCATs a report for teachers on the implementation of QCATs

  17. Preparing for implementation • How can the QCAR Framework support teaching? • How will the QCAR Framework benefit students? • How will the QCAR Framework help schools align curriculum, assessment and reporting?

  18. More information on the QCAR Framework Website: Email: